Turtles All The Way Down

I started writing this on real paper, would you believe, because I heard the blue light from my phone is keeping me up. I stopped writing reviews, you would believe, because they were garbage. However, this story has stuck with me for a while now, and I can’t figure out how to delete the “review”... Continue Reading →


Being Liked & Being Right

There is a thin line between being right and being liked and, at twenty years of age, I’m still not sure I’ve found it. Sometimes, it isn’t even there, which makes it all the more elusive. I started this blog roughly five years ago, so I have been trying to do a bit of introspection... Continue Reading →


In my short, sharp and sweet existence thus far I have learned three things from my interactions with homeless people. They go as follows. Firstly, that when people beg for something they often need it. I think it is fascinating that Australians continue to believe homeless people could do better for themselves. On many levels,... Continue Reading →


I’ve been watching an Unfortunate Series of Events on Netflix lately because I remember loving the book series as a kid. Perhaps being drawn to a series that specifically warns you not to read it because it will be very unhappy should have been a red flag, but oh well. One of [the villain] Count... Continue Reading →

God’s Plan, My Plan

(This concept is also known as predestination, but that word is scary and has too many connotations, so I'm going to ask we start with a blank page.) The last time I was in a relationship, I was old enough to be thinking about marriage and young enough to know it would never work. Despite... Continue Reading →

A Response to “Eden”

Recently there was an article posted in my uni's magazine about how Eve was sexually abused by Adam, God didn't care about her and rebelling was the best thing she ever did. I wrote a response to the editors, and emailed it this morning but I thought I would post it here and see what... Continue Reading →

The Apocalypse

A SHORT STORY I was on the bus when the apocalypse started. I used one of those little red hammers to break the glass- I bet when the bus tipped, half of the people panicked but the other half, myself included, were excited for the chance to finally rip one off the wall. When we... Continue Reading →


Sometimes my eyes leak, And I'm not sure why. It may be the tap mechanisms Don't turn enough to the right. Sometimes I'll be out walking, When suddenly escapes a drop. It will run down my face And I'll run for the mop. Sometimes people notice, And ask if I'm okay, And I usually brush... Continue Reading →

The Wrong Future

[a short story]PART 1 I feel like my story should start with a deep quote about time. Rather, it starts with the words "I wish I'd never met you." I think after that should follow a deep reflection. Unfortunately what followed was "I know, darling." I am the 32nd licensed time traveller of my day... Continue Reading →

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