Little things that changed my life

I’ve started a list craze. I know, I know, it’s probably not the most intelligent way to write a blog, but I seem to either keep writing something that’s too long or something that’s too short. Anyway, I’ve been reflecting on what makes me me, and I realise there are so many things that I... Continue Reading →


A Few Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

I started wondering a while ago which things people don’t seem to know about me. Well, here’s a blog post of all of the things that make me- well, me.My full first name is Patricia and I do not like it. I go through this every time we have a substitute in the class and... Continue Reading →

The Automatic Grammatizator [review]

Book written By Roald DahlThis I found in the children’s section, surprisingly, of one of my favourite book stores. Although often paired with one of his more famous stories, such as Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Witches, it was a fact unbeknownst to me that Dahl also wrote young adult and, frankly,... Continue Reading →

My Testimony

I was reading a site on things people could write in their blogs and one of the authors suggested that bloggers write something personal relating to their niche. I found myself wondering what my supposed “niche” was, and I think I’d describe it as things that may somehow make the world a better place. Books... Continue Reading →

My Family And Other Animals [review]

One of the best penguin classics I have ever picked up is the autobiography of Gerald Durrel. A lot of them can make you question the word “classic” [although there’s always the term “classic hits and classic misses”], but Penguins are a good punt as a general rule because they’re always ten bucks and so,... Continue Reading →

Ten Myths About Christianity

The media is often found talking about Christianity, and they don’t always get it right. Just as if I were to write a blog post on Buddhism with all of the things I’ve learned in Studies of Religion, I feel there’s often a personal perspective missing or not talked about as the facts are skimmed... Continue Reading →

The Story of Zachary

An original story, written by Patty Ayres. The story of a boy named Zachary.There was once a little boy named Zachary, and he was afraid of his bed. He did not want to sleep in it, he did not want to lie in it- he did not want to be in his bed at all. Under... Continue Reading →

12 Things To Do For Under $10

Here’s a list of awesome things to do anytime, anywhere, for under ten bucks. 1.Go to the beach. In a country that’s girt by sea, we’re surrounded by it, so put on your togs and go to the beach! While you’re there, you could also grab an ice-cream or something. Go for a swim [and... Continue Reading →

How To Wash A Dog.

 If you have a dog, it is more than likely you will have to wash it. I realise there are people out there with swimming pools full of cash [I really hope that actually exists], but not all of us can afford to take our pampered pooches to “Paw Paw”, the glistening dog grooming place... Continue Reading →

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