Why On Earth Would You Watch Something Like That?

I found out the other day that the actor who played one of my favourite characters on Criminal Minds [after Spencer Reid, of course] quit his job because he didn’t like the reaction it was getting from the general public. Far from the polls going down, Mandy Pantinkin quit the show [and so, Jason Gideon... Continue Reading →


Uniform in Australia

Every morning for five days a week, for the past twelve years or so, I’ve put on the same outfit. For seven years, it was a blue polo shirt and navy blue shorts. I also had a sloppy joe, and in year six, I got a cool shirt with all of my year’s names on... Continue Reading →

The Feminine Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is when a girl gets her hair cut short, usually in a feminine style for instance, with a fringe. Trawling the internet, though, I have found that there is still not the amount of support I expected for it. “Pixie cuts are ugly”, “horrible, manly pixie cuts”, “the ups and downs of... Continue Reading →

The Jews Did Not Kill Jesus

  Racism, in my opinion, is one of the most ignorant beliefs on the planet. Harsh language, but that’s my honest opinion [you’re going to get a lot of that on here]. It has no scientific basis, and has caused so many deaths throughout history- sadly, I know that there are a lot of people... Continue Reading →


Recently my school banned [and this is a direct quote from our school newsletter] “carnival style hair and outlandish piercings”. I know, I wondered too. At first it was kind of laughable- I was imagining this chick turning up to school with a green Mohawk and several facial rings- but then I started to really... Continue Reading →

When Religion Became Hipster

In my Sunday magazine, religion was classified twice- not once, but twice, in two different articles written by two different people- as hipster. The long bearded, surfing, cool pastor, with tatts and a “hot wife” is now in. Move aside, Buddha- Zen is out and funky church beats are droppin’. Wait, what? Religion has always... Continue Reading →

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