In class yesterday, my English teacher started talking about how Big Brother [from 1984] is like God, because nobody has seen him yet people have faith he exists. She then went on to say that people with faith in a deity are putting their faith in absolutely nothing, because there is no proof- they are therefore being illogical... Continue Reading →


The Harry Potter Movies In A Few Sentences Each

The title is almost as long as what I have planned for the entire blog post. Wondering who Harry Potter is? What all the hype is about? Learn everything to keep the conversation flowing in less than 600 words. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: A child is left with his evil Aunt, Uncle and... Continue Reading →

Pep Talk to Humanity

I am a white Christian teenager and I am not a racist. Anyone who’s spoken to me for five minutes- heck, read my blog for five minutes- knows that I have a huge thing against discrimination of any kind [there is a blog post about my thoughts on racism, if you’ve got a few minutes... Continue Reading →

First Day Back At School

For approximately the past 35 days, all primary and high school kids in Australia have been on holidays. Today, for my school at least, that bliss ended. We were thrown back into the regime of timetables written in code [my Biology class is the same numbers and letters as my roll call...], loudspeakers no one... Continue Reading →


This week I went to the camp where I became a Christian, Camp Kedron. I expected big things. Very big things. What I got was a little different. So, basically a lot of really bad and weird things happened- I’m going to be honest with you here, some of them were completely out of this... Continue Reading →

Why I Hate Christmas

From a totally non-religious perspective, I have this deep rooted hatred of Christmas. Join with me as I run through the [revised] 12 days of Christmas. My revised version technically starts in the beautiful month of October, when for some reason, the supermarkets believe that, as we really don’t do Halloween, this is Christmas. They... Continue Reading →

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