In class yesterday, my English teacher started talking about how Big Brother [from 1984] is like God, because nobody has seen him yet people have faith he exists. She then went on to say that people with faith in a deity are putting their faith in absolutely nothing, because there is no proof- they are therefore being illogical because logic relies on reason.

This really bugged me for two reasons. Firstly, because I don’t think you’re allowed to challenge a teacher’s spiritual beliefs in class [although she was kinda challenging mine]- I wanted to get up and have a full on discussion, but she was talking about the book and I was taking notes, etc.

The second thing that got my goat, though, was that I don’t actually have faith based on nothing. There is a lot of proof for my God, and, in deciding to become a Christian, I definitely used my frontal lobes. I didn’t get up and heatedly debate my English teacher, but if you’re searching for proof for God, let me give you the facts.

1) Jesus actually existed. There are over 1,000 documents corroborating every move he made, written not only by his disciples and the eyewitnesses to his miracles, but also by the reputable historians of the time, one of whom in particular, by the name of Josephus, was a Jew. If you’ve got one person on Earth who was probably reluctant to document the movements of the leader of the Christians, it’s probably him. Yet he did.
Now, we know about and believe the acts of Julius Caesar from approximately 50 documents that have been found about him. Not only were some of those written a thousand years after his life [while many of Jesus’ were written on the spot], but you may notice a seriously minimal number there. The fact stands, though, that historians do not dispute what happened in Caesar’s life. Therefore, you’d be pretty sure that Jesus was real.

2) Not only were documents written about Jesus after him, but before him. For about 3,000 years before Jesus was even born, prophesies about what he would do, who he would be, how he would be born and how he would die were also written. Everything in Jesus’ life fits in somewhere in the Bible.

He died without a thought for his own welfare,
    beaten bloody for the sins of my people.
They buried him with the wicked,
    threw him in a grave with a rich man,
Even though he’d never hurt a soul
    or said one word that wasn’t true.”

Isaiah 53:8-9

3) This is one you may have heard before, but look out your window. If the Earth had 2% more or less oxygen in its atmosphere, we would die. If anything had gone wrong during the creation of the universe we would cease to exist. A few meters closer to the sun, for instance, and our planet would have burned up before it had even started. The Earth is nearly perfect, and so are our human bodies. As a Biology student doing my HSC course, there is so much I have to remember that I cannot even comprehend a God who could imagine and then create such a world, and yet we live every day in it. Desensitise your senses for a second, go outside, and witness the biggest piece of proof for God you could ever lay eyes on.

4) Getting to the thick of it, Jesus himself said he was God. C.S. Lewis challenges us with the idea that, as Jesus said many times he was the son of God, was he a lunatic, a liar or Lord? He did many sane things and lived a normal life, he told the truth about many things as well- that leaves many with the only option left that Jesus Christ was the Lord.

5) This one is the most personal. God was once described to me like wind. I can’t see him, smell him, hear him or taste him, but I can feel him. A lot of people have told me stories they would swear by of having felt him literally, like shivers or goosebumps. If you think they’re making it up, there have been thousands if not millions of people throughout history who have been so convinced that Jesus really was the real thing that they died for him. Speaking of Caesar’s, the Roman Emperor Nero used to use Christians as human candles, roll them down hills in barrels full of nails, have them crucified and thrown into pits with lions, and yet they stuck by their testimony. I believe Jesus is real, and I’ve got the proof because I’ve seen the way he’s worked in other people’s lives and my own. I’ve felt God, I’ve experienced him. If you think that’s a load of crap, I encourage you to try God out for yourself- go to church once or twice, check out the Bible. There is proof for God, and it’s everywhere.

“Having eyes do you not see, and having ears do you not hear? “ Mark 8:18a


The Harry Potter Movies In A Few Sentences Each

The title is almost as long as what I have planned for the entire blog post.

Wondering who Harry Potter is? What all the hype is about? Learn everything to keep the conversation flowing in less than 600 words.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: A child is left with his evil Aunt, Uncle and cousin. He finds out he’s a wizard and gets shipped off to Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft. Unfortuantely, the eleven year old is already under threat from the most evil wizard in the world- cue epic battle scene 1.

Quote of the movie: “Yer a wizard Harry!”- Hagrid.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Harry finds out he can speak to snakes, and there is a lot of talk about the heir of Slytherin, although Harry’s in Gryffindor. People are suspicious, and he is sad. He saves everyone in the school [again], including his new mates. Meet Dobby and Tom Marvolo Riddle [a.k.a. Lord Voldemort].

Quote of the movie: “Follow the spiders, he said. Why couldn’t it be follow the butterflies?!” Ron.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: School work begins to take off. Harry finally has enough of his Aunt, Uncle and the blob that has become his cousin. He finds out he has a serial killer stalking him. He thinks it’s his godfather, finds out it’s Ron’s rat [who turns out to have been one of his father’s best friends, before his father died.] The rat is a secretly a man. He meets his godfather, named Sirius, saves his life, and Sirius rides off into the night on a griffin [who maimed Draco Malfoy and is on death row]. Also, meet Remus Lupin.

Quote of the movie: “Eat. It will make you feel better.” Remus

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Harry gets picked for a big school competition [which apparently killed someone a hundred years ago. As if they didn’t learn from that.] There is a dance, and we meet new teacher Mad-Eye Moody. Sad moments with Neville Longbottom.  He becomes friends with Cedric Diggory, overcomes expectations, wins, witness Voldemorts return. Cedric Diggory dies and this traumatises Harry.

Quote of the movie: “Off to bed, the both of you!” Hermione.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Harry gets an offer to live with Sirius, and learns about a secret order that’s trying to stop Voldemort. He starts having Voldemorty dreams while his mind is being invaded by the Dark Lord, and this makes him really grumpy. Sirius dies and this traumatises Harry.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: Harry finds a book with heaps of clues in it that help him during his potions class, which is great because there is a new teacher. Proffesor Slughorn has memories from when Voldemort was still Tom Riddle [and in school] [and had a nose]. Harry must retrieve these memories and also help Dumbledore destroy Horcruxes, which we find out are piece of Voldemorts’ soul. Dumbledore dies and this traumatises Harry.

Quote of the movie: “You would really try and use my own spells against me?” Severus Snape [who had the audacity to call himself the Half Blooded Prince].

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: The big finale. Huzzah. They find the Hallows, and the horcruxes and Harry finally has that huge show down with Voldemort we’ve all been waiting for. Everyone settles down and all is good. Fred dies and this traumatises everyone.

Quote of the movie: “I’m holy, Fred. Get it?” George. 😦

The Modesty Thing

Recently, I was on Facebook and I noticed a blog that was mentioned a few times [let’s all agree, most of the interesting things we find every day come from online]. It was called “Herself” and I recommend you check it out some time, but basically it’s written by the actress who used to be in “the Sleepover Club” and was in “Tomorrow When The War Began”. As they’re two things I like, my interest was piqued. Her name is Caitlin Stacey, by the way. Anyway, she’s written a group of interviews with different women, including herself, and the blog features photographs of those women naked. Quite a few, actually.


What is different, though, is that they’re not posed seductively, or to make themselves seem sexy. Yes, many are quite graphic, yet they’re taken in poses someone would take a selfie in- leaning against a railing or facing a wall and looking over a shoulder. One was taken in a swimming pool. It was at this point that my mind began to work in the mysterious way that a mind does, because I wasn’t sure whether they were being immodest or not.

I haven’t grown up in a strictly conservative family, but I’m the sort of person [the sort of Christian?] who wears a shirt over my togs when I go swimming, who does up the top button, etc. I’m not saying all Christians do this, or should do this, but with what I understand the Bible to be saying, it’s the way I live my life. So, it may seem like a weird question to ask, but they were talking about being okay with your body and okay with yourself, and I didn’t know what to think.

You may have heard about the hashtag #freethenipple. Women sick of wearing bras, or just wanting to be fine with bearing their breasts in public. As a feminist who goes to an all-girls school and absolutely detests bras [sorry if this is getting awkward, gentlemen], this resonates with me. As a Christian who particularly favours the book of 1 Corinthians [especially chapter 13 ❤ ], it creates an inner struggle. The Bible says this: “we take special care to dress up some parts of our bodies. We are modest about our personal parts, but we don’t have to be modest about other parts.” [1 Corinthians 12:23-24]. Ask a kid (children are always the best people to ask about this sort of thing) which part of their bodies they need to cover up, and they’ll say “you have to wear undies [and maybe the girls will say] and you’ve got to wear a bra.” Is this something inherent, though- this need to cover up certain parts- or something society’s drilled into us? The Victorians used to find even mentioning legs inappropriate, and yet we’ve been covering up since Adam and Eve.


Speaking of which, Genesis [starting from the beginning] says that after Adam and Eve learned right from wrong, “at once they saw what they had done, and they realised they were naked. Then they sewed fig leaves together to make something to cover themselves.” [Genesis 3:7]. Was their immediate need to cover up from knowing right and wrong? If so, why were they naked beforehand and classified as “very good” by God himself?

So- the plot thickens. Is nudity immodest?

I had this discussion with my cabin while I was at camp, and I think the conclusion we came to is very helpful in this situation: it all depends on you. When the women on “Herself” took their photographs, they were not thinking about being nude [as is the proper term], but about glorifying their beautiful bodies. Perhaps there would be many people too awkward to do such a thing, but should you not do such a thing because you’re a Christian? My verdict is that it’s up to you. And when it comes to what clothes you wear, I think it’s the same- it’s your mindset. Are you purposely trying to attract attention? If so, will it not show through your demeanour and personality more than through how short your shorts are, or how low your top is? You could dress like a nun and still be the sassiest, sexiest woman alive- just watch Sister Act 🙂 The only conclusion I can come to is that modesty is a mindset. It can’t be being naked that is immodest, because we’re born naked, made that way by God.


Food for thought.

Pep Talk to Humanity

I am a white Christian teenager and I am not a racist. Anyone who’s spoken to me for five minutes- heck, read my blog for five minutes- knows that I have a huge thing against discrimination of any kind [there is a blog post about my thoughts on racism, if you’ve got a few minutes called “The Jews Didn’t Kill Jesus”, but give me a few minutes to make this point first]. My point is that, just as not all white people are racist, not all Buddhists are monks and not all homeless people are mentally ill, not all Muslims are terrorists.
Now, I’m going to warn you here, this post is going to be controversial. I recently wrote a post about my dog, so if that’s more your style, go ahead, but this is going to be a kicker, so you may want to stick around.

I feel like this needs to be said, because I’ve suddenly found myself in a society that is scared. The news is blowing up everything about terrorism from around the world, social media and youtube are littered with graphic images and passionate posts about horrendous things happening on both a global and a national scale and suddenly people are finding the need to hashtag #illridewithyou. There is nothing wrote with that hashtag, but ask yourself the question- why was it made? Perhaps because someone noticed that people were avoiding sitting next to certain people? And this is why I’m writing this blog post. Because something is wrong.

The fact is, that in our multicultural, secular, democratic society we call “Australia”, things are going down. Whether it is the physical abuse from the riots of fifty years ago or the mental abuse of ostracising a group of people and treating them differently because of the actions of a mad man in a café, or a group of extremists half way across the world, we are not going to evolve as a human race if we start picking and choosing who we want to accept and who we don’t. For years, we have played the blame game, and tripped people up and hung out in our little cliques like school children in a playground, and, as someone who has both been bullied and been a bully, I know it isn’t fun. If it is now, it won’t be for long. It gets sucky when you start cutting off friends because they don’t belong in your “group”, in your utopian world. I know some amazing Muslim people, and some amazing black people, and some amazing white people, but it was only once I completely forgot to look at their differences that I actually really, truly met them- connected with them because of the thing we shared in common- we’re all human. When has cutting people off, or resorting to violence ever solved anything? And I think this is what people have slowly started to notice- that once we start to band together, we can solve bigger issues faster. At least, that’s what people were doing before we were all driven away and apart by the new issues.

Well, people, there are always going to be issues. I cannot think of one religion or creed that assures its followers there will never be trouble- Jesus said it, Buddha said it. However, it’s not going to work if we start splitting up, because not only does that cause trouble, but it’s what trouble wants. Trouble wants to see pain, it wants to see anger. It cannot cause pain and anger, only we can do that. We choose to be offended, we choose to get scared. However, that is not the way we have to live our lives.

Stick together, people, and get your head in the game.

Things We Should All Learn From Dogs

Starring Enzo.

1) Know when to treasure things and when to let things go.
When it comes to the ball, sometimes they hoard it, sometimes they drop it. Which is more beneficial? [This is meant to be applying to the big things in your life, not just your toys.]
[Although I do still have a few teddy bears from when I was a kid.]
IMAG2032 - Copy

2) Forgive.
Over the past few months, I’ve been struggling with forgiveness. Yet, when my dog wouldn’t stop yapping at another dog [get over it! You’ve passed the same fence with the same dog almost every day for three years!!!] and I just picked him up, he eventually just laid his head on my shoulder. I put him down and he just kept walking, tail wagging. I learned forgiveness off my dog. All the same, there are times when you’ve just got to learn to shove some dirt over it…


3) Rest sometimes.
In a rushing, moving, fidgety world, there comes a point in everyone’s life- damn, in everyone’s day– when you just have to take a break and rest.

IMAG6869 - Copy

4) It’s okay to dress up sometimes.
It’s okay to look pretty or try something different with your style. Chill.

IMAG2243 - Copy IMAG6723 - Copy IMAG2791-1 - Copy

5) It’s okay to try something new period.

You may or may not like it. Just try it, give it a go. [BTW: yes, Enzo did try swimming. No, he did not like it. All the same, he tried it.]


6) Learn to love.
It’s okay to love something or someone to the point where it hurts. One day, it may not be there any more, but the main thing is that you tried, and that made you better. My dog story for this one is the fact that my dog is in love with a dog we pass regularly, who is unfortunately made of clay. He pines for her, strains towards her and cries when I won’t let him go and sniff her [she sits on some random house’s porch], but it makes him happy. I think.

IMAG3565 - Copy

7) Be happy!
Dogs are always wagging their tails- they are usually in pretty good moods. How would our lives change if WE started being happy people we love are home, if we were happy someone’s taking us out, if we showed gratitude that someone gave us dinner [thanks Mum!].

IMAG4368 - Copy

8) Calamities are going to happen. Be okay with it.
Even if you’re made to look like a goofball.


9)Selfies are okay.
I think it’s something that needs to be said, however I’m just gonna say it once. It’s okay to think you’re cool. It’s not conceited to think you’re beautiful or smart or a nice person. It depends on how far you take it, how many people you tell about it and how much time you spend thinking about it. I’m just saying it’s okay to think you’re okay.


10) Lucky last: use a lead, not a leash.
Although they are technically the same physical thing, the mindset behind the two is very different. A leash is there as an object of power, making something do what you want. A lead, however, is an object of love- leading something to keep it safe, take it to new places. At least, that’s what I think my dog has in mind when he drags me down random dark alleyways. All the same, use this both in your relationship with your dog [or cat, or guinea pig- whatever floats your boat], but also use it metaphorically, in your relationships with others.

First Day Back At School

For approximately the past 35 days, all primary and high school kids in Australia have been on holidays. Today, for my school at least, that bliss ended. We were thrown back into the regime of timetables written in code [my Biology class is the same numbers and letters as my roll call…], loudspeakers no one can understand and school uniform that doesn’t fit right. To add to this, it was bucketing rain and, being in year 12, there was no nice “welcome back, we’ll leave the work for tomorrow”- I actually had to write stuff down.

It is crazy to me the complete turn around going back to school is. I’ve had pretty much free reign over my life the past few weeks, and have barely interacted with anyone my own age. Suddenly, I’m surrounded by teenagers running to meet each other [as if they didn’t see each other on the weekend], and self consciously touching their hair and make up [I go to an all girls school]. There is nothing wrong with this, but just being crowded into a room with these girls felt, in a word, foreign. I just sat and watched everyone behave all day, completely thrown. I didn’t know where I fit into conversations or groups, I didn’t know where to sit, and my brain seems to have completely forgotten how to concentrate. Furthermore, I had to sit through an assembly where my principal simultaneously told us not to stress and told us why we should stress [our school got 78 band 6’s last year. Oh, by the way, this year they want 80.] Then I got my timetable, which tells me where to be, when, for how long and why. It’s a good thing I write a blog and a diary of my own accord, or I’d probably have forgotten how to read and write by now.

I think that the scariest thing about going back to school today, though, was that this is my last year. I felt the same way this morning as I did on the first day of kindergarten- anxious and excited [although, by my second period, it was just more of the former]. It irks me, though, that this is going to be my last year of school ever. I think there’s just this constant sense of fear and anticipation amongst my fellow classmates, because we all seem too stressed to talk to each other. One person asked me if I was okay today- she was a teacher. Two people asked me how my holidays were- they were both teachers too. It’s easy to see the race is on- we’ve all got tunnel vision, and the light at the end of that baby is the certificate that says we can leave but is also pushing us out the door.

I’m writing this blog post today so that, when I actually end school, I can write another one. Hopefully it’s not going to be filled with this fearful tone, but a joyful one. Hopefully it’s not going to be written in April when I turn 17 and can legally drop out. Hopefully I’ll have survived.

Fingers crossed.


This week I went to the camp where I became a Christian, Camp Kedron. I expected big things. Very big things. What I got was a little different.

So, basically a lot of really bad and weird things happened- I’m going to be honest with you here, some of them were completely out of this world. We had a cabin shivering and shaking from stories shared about attacks from demons, we had a person go home who we were all very close to and I found out that one of my other good friends had been bullied at a place where I had always felt safe and at home. As someone once said “hey guys, take a minute. This is what heaven will be like.” Well, this week, I lost all sense of that. In a way, I lost all sense at all.
See, when I came across the ideas of demons and the devil, I have to admit, I brushed it off pretty quickly. The devil. A little dude with pointy horns and a tail, right? One of my leaders [at camp], though, pointed out in a completely irrelevant conversation that the devil can work in third world countries by scaring them by proving he’s real, but in first world countries he works by assuring us he’s not there at all and then sneakily slipping in. This week, having what I always thought of as a home taken away from me, I realise that the devil’s actually quite an interesting little bugger, because he worked through my cynicism. Spencer Reid [Criminal Minds] once said that believing in God means you believe in the devil. I’d like to share that up until this week, it actually wasn’t that way. Even saying “the devil” makes me uncomfortable, still, but this week, I have to say I can’t deny him anymore. He’s real. He’s there.

So, I was sitting in on a worship session, and I felt compelled just to leave and walk out into a field. It was in that field I’d sat as a kid and just pictured how big God was. As I sat there, I just prayed for a sign. I’ve never had any of those “spiritual moments” people often talk about as Christians- my encouragement to others is that I’m still a Christian, and I still have my faith. Anyway, I was just compelled to a Sunday school song about God creating the stars, and so I looked up, as, out in the country, you can always see so many beautiful stars up above you. As I looked up, a huge cloud just came and covered up every star I could see. I burst into tears.

Why doesn’t God give us just a sign that would bring us closer to him? I struggled with this, as I moped over to my cabin and I just sat on the stairs, thinking and crying, praying and getting madder and madder at my supposedly loving God. Then along came my leader and sat down beside me, and without a word she sat down and hugged me. Just held me, tightly, like a mum or an aunt, and we just sat on those steps and stared into the darkness for a while.
I eventually got around to telling her what was wrong, and she just listened to me. It turned out she too hasn’t had any of those extraordinary or spooky moments with God, and this blew me away, as I could feel her faith exuding from her. She just talked to me for a while, and we prayed while I sobbed- not romantically and silently either, but huge, racking, hiccupping sobs.

My point with this end bit is that last night, God also tailored his response to me. He didn’t come in a huge, fantastical way that I thought he might [and perhaps I wanted], but in the gentle nudge of my leader appearing and letting God speak through her. I learnt this week that the devil tailors his attacks to us, but God does the exact same. I’m not vulnerable to the scary spirit stuff, but to the silent attacks, and I didn’t need the blinding light, but the soothing words of my God, my Father, and someone who loves me.

Many thanks to all who impacted me this week. If you’re thinking I may be talking to you, I most probably am.

“My God is so big, so strong and so mighty there’s nothing my God cannot do [that’s true!]
The mountains are his, the valleys are his, the stars are his handiwork too.”

Relationships 5 ways.

Last night I watched a chick flick by the name of “Something Borrowed“, starring Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson. It made me consider, though, the different types of relationships because this movie did not go the way I thought it would. Here are the five main types of relationships, with plenty of pop culture references for good measure.


1) The one you can’t get. When you either have found someone you want to be friends with but don’t know how to actually be their friend (“Do you think I can’t get a date because I’m weird?” “Have you ever actually asked anyone out?” “No…” Spencer Reid and Jason Gideon, Criminal Minds) or you’re already their friend and want to be more (Ron, from Kim Possible and Ron Weasley from Harry Potter).
The thing is, though, that people are not as mean as everybody seems to think. Often we don’t ask for the relationships we’d like because we think that people will reject us, and do so in a mean way (although rejection in general hurts). I think, though, that the people IN the friend zone invented it, because the majority of people are willing to get into new relationships.


Going to an all girls school, I hear a lot of girls complaining that they don’t have boyfriends. Not in a desperate way (Alex Dunphy, Modern Family), or a mean, “no wonder you’re single” way (Haley Dunphy, Modern Family), but in a sweet, romantic way (Manny Del Gado, Modern Family). Therefore, those in this category should go out on a limb and remember that if they don’t get the relationship, “say what you think because those that matter don’t mind and those that mind don’t matter.” (Dr. Suess)


2) The people in a relationship where people don’t really know who they are. Whether this is because other people want you to be something else (Mean Girls), or because you are pretending to be something else (Hannah Montana!), this is the second most common type of relationship. I feel like, once you actually achieve your relationship, your body immediately goes into a chameleon stage where you will do anything to stay there. I have done this, and it is not fun. It is boring, and you blend into the background. The funny thing was that once I tried to be myself, I realized that I didn’t like them and they didn’t like me (the real me). I moved on, it was awesome. This will not happen to everyone, but my advice for this group of people is to take a chance on yourself. It is definitely more fun, and you free yourself up to make new friends: ones you’re actually enjoying your time with, because you’re not pretending to be someone else.

“If I am like him, who will be like me?” (Unknown)


3) The relationship that could potentially hurt someone. This was one of the biggest features in the “Something Borrowed” plotline. It could be couples cheating on each other or friends keep in secrets (yes, both feature in the movie… Yet, not in a good way.) These relationships are not good. There is nothing potentially redeeming about them- someone will get hurt. The question is, is it the person who did nothing wrong or the person who you were going to hurt them with.
Let me explain. Say one friend asks you to pass on a message in secret. Do you do it, hurting the third party, or refuse to, hurting the first party who was in the wrong? Who means more to you is not the question. What is the right thing to do should be the question. Usually there are no questions asked and people just get hurt: as I said, this relationship is bad.
As for you, if you are the third party, my advice is get out. How much do they really care for you if they would stab you in the back? Question is, will they do it again? Are they sorry? That sounds cliche, but as someone who has also experienced this, I can honestly say it is the best path. The longer you stay, the more it just freaking hurts.
If you don’t wanna get so deep, go and watch “10 Things I Hate About You.” For the record, Patrick apologized, and felt bad about it. If that’s your case, its completely up to you what to do.


4) The “three’s a crowd” relationships. You know the one. Its best when its just 2 of you, or three or four, but when there’s that extra person, it just doesn’t jam. (“Over Her Dead Body“- great rom com. That person is also referred to in the “Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging” series as a “gooseberry”- the person who just keeps hanging around). I think this person often means the best, and you should let them down easy. If you do actually like them, invite them to other things, or go out with them alone, but with that group, just politely don’t invite them and hope they get the picture.


5) “I am finally happy” relationships. Don’t we all wish there were so many more of these? I don’t really know what to say: most movies end with them and we all seem to get at least one or two in our lifetimes. Sometimes we marry them, but sometimes it that other sort of love, the kind of love you can only share with a true friend- I reckon that counts as true love as well.

The end.

The world this week

The good of humanity.

The good of humanity.

As a religious person and optimist, I like to believe that there is good in every human being. I also watch Once Upon A Time. However, after watching the news and witnessing the terrorist attacks in France, including the murders of innocent people (so stuff this crap about them printing somehow offensive cartoons, because two policemen and a handful of innocent people were killed) (excuse my language), the use of children by Boko Haram to carry bombs, and the brutal beating of a seemingly innocent teenage girl by ANOTHER teenage girl while they were egged on by onlookers – I just don’t know. I don’t.
Scroll your Facebook news feed and you find the people who helped an old person with their groceries; watch the news and you see people who beat and rob old people. I cannot comprehend how people are so capable of evil, that they would endanger innocents in their pursuit of- what? Revenge? Extremism? Fun?

I finish this blog post with the following thought- there is good out there, I have seen it with my own eyes. Not as often as I’d like, but it exists. I just have to find it… and stop watching the news.

#jesuischarlie .

Night At The Museum 3: Secrets of the Tomb.

Night at the museum 3
It may be week three of January, and this may not mean much, but Night At The Museum 3 is the best movie I have seen all year. Despite being the last movie in a trilogy, its my honest opinion that this was perhaps the best yet.

In it, Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) travels to London with his son, Nicky (Skylar Gisondo), in the hopes of restoring the tablet which magically brings all of the exhibitions in the museum to life at night. He ventures out with Teddy (Robin Williams), the neanderthals (introducing Ben Stiller as Laa) and Jedediah (Owen Wilson) and Octavius (Steve Coogan) (the little guys) to visit Akmenrahs (Rami Malek) father (Ben Kingsley) in order to  learn its secrets and hopefully restore it. Also starring Rebel Wilson (as English security guard Tilly), Ricky Gervais ( as Doctor McPhee), and Dan Stevens (from Downton Abbey, playing Sir Lancelot). It was touching to watch Robin Williams’ last movie (and especially moving during the scene when he says goodbye to Larry).

All in all, it was a brilliant movie and a fitting finish to a good trilogy.