Up [Review]

Up is the story of an old man named Mr. Fredrickson who wants to escape. He wants to escape the building contractors surrounding his house, the young people who think they know better tan him, and the death of the love of his life, Ellie. Having been a balloon salesman for most of his life,... Continue Reading →


The Purpose of Christianity

It may be confusing to some as to why anyone would choose religion, or Christianity. As I know the answer to the second question, at least from my own view and the view I know many people share, I’ll outline it for you all [and it may even answer the first question]. The foundation for... Continue Reading →

Thirteen Reasons Why [Review]

I recently was recommended a novel by two friends, completely separately, written by a man named Jay Asher.  When I got my hands on it [each gave me a copy, as it happens] I read it quite eagerly. The entire book only took me a night. Written from the perspective of a teenage boy named... Continue Reading →

The Silent Majority

It has become apparent, through watching the news and reading people’s opinions online, as well as speaking face to face with people, that mankind has begun to despair for its humanity. However, it is my belief that the situation at hand is not as bad as it may seem. Learning about the 1960’s in America,... Continue Reading →

WALL-E [review]

"Wall-E" is our future in a nutshell. An adorable cartoon about a robot who was created to clean up the Earth, the movie contains some of the most prophetic ideas about the lives our descendants will love- fat, in space, controlled by technology. Not in the physical sense, either- the apocalyptic, we’ll fight them sense,... Continue Reading →

What It Says On The Packet

I am not a fan of false advertising. When you buy Easy-Mac, you expect the thing to be easy to make, and yet there’s measuring water, pouring water, microwaving and stirring [lots of it]. Also, the thing is flipping hot despite the amount of time it’s been in the mean machine, and they don’t tell... Continue Reading →

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