A New Experience

Something that’s never happened to me before happened a few weeks ago. I was bitten by a dog. A little chiuaua- a breed I’ve never found myself overly fond of due to their consistent whining. Little animals with Napolean complexes, feeling they have to prove themselves to the rest of the canine, and, indeed, human world.... Continue Reading →


The Christian

   I was watching Love Child last night [girls in the 60’s, giving up babies, women becoming doctors, Australia, etc.] and it turns out that one of the girls- named Patty, by the way- has a horrible fiancée. He’s a racist, a sexist, and has almost no empathy for her [she lost his baby, but... Continue Reading →

Save the Date

I’m sweet seventeen and have never been kissed. I have been on one [two?] dates. I have watched a gazillion romantic comedies. I am waiting. While I’m not sending you all invitations to “Patty’s Pity Party” [now say that five times fast], I have been thinking about it. I usually tend to write blog posts... Continue Reading →

A New Look

The other day I was looking for my favourite brand of tea, and I couldn't find it. I usually wonder why there are those ads that tell the general public "we've got a new look!" I mean, couldn't you spend your money on making your frozen vegetables taste less like plastic, rather than changing your... Continue Reading →

The Cost

The problem with forgiveness is that it's much like a credit card. If you don't give over what you truly have, but instead give over what you don't have, or try and use something else, sooner or later, it will bite you in the butt. You will have less than you had originally, and owe that... Continue Reading →

Random Acts of Kindness

Around the time of Easter, my church encourages people to do random acts of kindness and leave a card referring the general public to our church service. What I’ve been thinking, though, is why should we limit ourselves to doing random acts of kindness for the world only during a specific time? So, here are... Continue Reading →

Just Another Post About Feminism

It’s funny that when you Google “feminism opinion”, you get a lot of negative stuff. When you google “myths about feminism”, you get a lot of positive stuff. When you google “feminism”, you get a bunch of people trying to be neutral and give you legitimate definitions, but those definitions don’t sound so bad to... Continue Reading →

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