A New Experience

Something that’s never happened to me before happened a few weeks ago.
I was bitten by a dog.

A little chiuaua- a breed I’ve never found myself overly fond of due to their consistent whining. Little animals with Napolean complexes, feeling they have to prove themselves to the rest of the canine, and, indeed, human world. However, this was my friend’s new dog, and she was having a bit of trouble getting use to him, so I gave him the customary rub on the back, and he turned around and dug his fangs into my thumb.

a lizard I found in the car and carried for a while

I am proud to say I had six pretty wicked looking gouges in my finger. Through one I could observe my bone. Some were perfectly cylindrical.
I am not proud to say that I started crying. Like, heaving, wracking sobs in the middle of my friends kitchen. I don’t usually cry, but let me tell you this- I’ve never had an animal not like me. I’ve been attacked by chickens, I’ve been swooped by minors, I scream at the sight of Huntsman spiders, but I have never purposely injured an animal [I dropped a guinea pig into a pot plant by accident once- he was rather squirmy] and one has never purposely injured me. Through the scratches, and growls and play bites, I have never had an animal purposely think to themselves, “nah, don’t like that much. Attack.”

a cat that fell asleep on me. And I don’t even like cats!

I was giving him love! To be honest, I was a little offended. I felt rejected, and I felt angry. “Oh, I’ll never go near him again!” I thought. “To think I gave his owner tips! To think I brought him biscuits! To think, I reached out my hand to try and give him the pleasure most dogs get from human interaction. But he bit me!” I was thinking to myself, later, when my thumb was safely nestled in three large bandaids [I didn’t want them to overlap any of the wounds, and the wounds were awkwardly placed. Plus, it looked super cool], that maybe it wasn’t the physical pain that I cried at so much as the shock. It felt like what I knew about dogs was being questioned.

Enzo looking philosophically at the door, contemplating life

Then, I made a conscious decision [by this time I was eating an ice cream, because I have lovely sympathetic parents] that I was going to be okay with it. I looked suspiciously at Enzo, as he sat next to me and put his head on my leg, and we sat staring at each other for a little bit before he got bored and went to sleep. Tentatively, I rubbed his ears and he sleepily licked my finger, urging me to continue before drifting off again. And so I scratched his head philosophically and sat there nursing my thumb. I guess, there are just some times that don’t make sense. I will still love dogs, although I don’t know what I’ll do about that    one in particular.

But I just can’t help thinking that I was always sound in my belief that animals are logical. They will only lash out if there’s a reason; you love them, they’ll love you. But, perhaps that’s not so?

I continue to grapple with this, despite a healed thumb and my own very happy dog.

I didn’t take this photo, but man it’s adorable.

The Christian

038322-de15d780-95f2-11e3-8d43-e004d36a6c9a   I was watching Love Child last night [girls in the 60’s, giving up babies, women becoming doctors, Australia, etc.] and it turns out that one of the girls- named Patty, by the way- has a horrible fiancée. He’s a racist, a sexist, and has almost no empathy for her [she lost his baby, but it was born out of wedlock, so probably “for the best”]. It turns out he’s also a Catholic. Gee, those Catholics.


Then there was a little reel on A Current Affairs about how Hillsong is stealing money off people and forcing them to donate. How could they possibly be classified as a charity? Where is all the money going? An inside investigation. Gee, those Hillsong people.imagesCAKSSXQW

From 1095-1291, there were a bunch of religious crusades where some supremacist Christian people went and killed as many people of other religions as they could lay their hands on and took their land in the name of God. Gee, dem Crusaders.



Crazy Christian people.

nedI have invited quite few non Christian mates to church in my time and I usually get one of three responses. 1)no, if I walked into a church, I’d probably catch fire.
2)No, I disagree with everything and I don’t want to a)make an argument or b)put myself through it. My mind is made up.
3) Yes, and then “that was church?” [are you sure we didn’t walk into the wrong building?] People ask me what they should wear, if anything needs to be covered up, and when I tell them no, some get affronted. One friend pointed out the closest to exposure to church she’d ever had was Ned Flanders on the Simpsons.

It annoys me how much Christians are stereotyped and how much false or negative information is circulated? The whole offering this is dealt with in the “Ten Myths About Christianity” [search bar, top right hand corner, my friend], and the whole Crusader thing happened literally a millennia ago. Let’s balance this out a bit.hh

Did you know every year Hillsong has an offering named “Heart for the House” which last year raised over ten million dollars and donates to yout centres, anti trafficking organisations, CityCare and education in third world countiries?

salWhat about that the Red Cross, public education, soup kitchens, ambulances, the Salvation Army [a.k.a. the Salvo’s] and St. Vincent De Pauls [a.k.a. Vinnie’s] or “op-shops” were all started by Christians?

Did you know that Mother Theresa [may seem obvious, but she makes “the list”], Martin Luther King, and Obama are/were all Christians? Add to the list Bono, Thomas Beckett, T.S. Elliot, Shakespeare, Joan of Arc, Bach [the composer], Florence Nightingale, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Tim Tebow [footballer], Patricia Heaton [from “Everybody Loves Raymond”], and, yours truly.

Crazy Christian people.

So, if you haven’t been to church, go. Check it out for yourself. If you’re just realising that all you know are stereotypes and a rough outline, at least Google it or look around in the Christianity section of this blog. At the very least, look at what you believe [or what you tell people you believe, because “I’m an atheist” is really easily slipped off the tongue] and question it. I’m not saying become a Christian. I’m saying have an internal audit and make sure you’re thinking for yourself. Because, as with most stereotypes, the ideas about Christianity are, in my opinion, often way, way too wrong. But, don’t take my word for it- look it up yourself.



Save the Date

I’m sweet seventeen and have never been kissed. I have been on one [two?] dates. I have watched a gazillion romantic comedies. I am waiting.

While I’m not sending you all invitations to “Patty’s Pity Party” [now say that five times fast], I have been thinking about it. I usually tend to write blog posts when I have something for you to mull over [for, it is the job of this blog to get those little grey cells working], and here it is today- what is this thing about dating?

So many blog posts about it! Sifting through everyone’s emotional crap on the internet and on television and in your family and friend-circles! Woe! But, alas, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, for this blog post isn’t about my emotional crap, but why anyone’s emotional crap to do with their romantic lives [or lack thereof] exists.

Because, think about it. Why? Why is anyone who doesn’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend open to having their sexuality questioned [been there, done that]? Why is there so much pressure on year 12 to bring a date to the formal or “make a statement”? Why do people put so much value on having someone to go out with? Need we look further than films such as “Pretty Woman” and “The Wedding Date” [in both cases, an attractive person is hired so people think that lonely person is actually dating someone].

Don’t get me wrong- I’m not judging people. I am one of those people! I am searching for a formal date! It is stressful to think that if I wear too many t-shirts and comfortable shoes, nobody will ever ask me out! And if you think it sounds desperate, or it’s a “first world problem”, you can take your thoughts and flush them, because most people and in particular, most teens [I don’t know if it’s a girl thing] think and worry about these things. It keeps us up at night, and it’s an issue no one likes to talk about. It makes people uncomfortable and they shrug it off with a “there’s plenty of fish in the sea”.

So, I don’t know what to do about it. I don’t even know what else to say about it. But think about it. Is it even a really bad thing? I mean, we’re still judging Queen Elizabeth the first, five hundred years later, for not having gotten married. Sheesh.

Meet Your Olfactory and Homunculi Nerves

BTW: The title is as sciencey as this post is going to get.

You know, humans have five senses [well, apparently some have six, but that’s another story for another time] and I reckon, in our lives, we really only indulge three. I say “indulge” because you can’t help feeling, smelling, touching, tasting and hearing, but if you think about the ones that really get left behind, I’d say your nose [olfactory] and your touchy bits [the ones connected to your homunculi nerves] are neck and neck.

Think about it. Most of us spend our lives seeing- let’s say for this post, we exclude those who can’t experience a sense [and before you say it, I know two people who can’t smell]. So, we make things pretty, and we make art, and we write books all for our eyes to get a good work out. When you see something pleasurable, your pupils dilate [get bigger]- fun fact, when a dog gets excited [usually by something he sees, like a ball] his pupils will dilate too. Ah, humanity’s best friend. Anyway, so it’s the same with hearing. It’s something we just can’t ignore, so we listen to music and are more likely to pay attention to speakers [eg: actors, politicians, teachers] whose voices we find pleasurable [Scarlett Johannson, anyone?] And taste! Taste is summed up in one word- food. My evidence is also summed up in one word- obesity.

So, we’re left with our buddies who we find easy to ignore. Smell is second to go while we’re going to sleep, touch is something that we feel so often we start to forget about it, like having running water. While it’s not weird not to eat something because you don’t like it, most people will tell you to “get over it” if your clothes are itchy [ahhh, the wonderful world of fashion], or not really notice if you smell great [although many will notice if you smell bad]. It’s weird. Well, at least I find it weird.

Well, there is only one solution! [Actually there are two, but I’m going to focus on the cool one.] We need to start experiencing life to it’s fullest! Smell everything- did you know you are attracted to people not by the sight of them so much as the smell of them [getting sciencey again, your body recognises contrary amino acids and tells your brain they’d be good to make babies with]. So, feel free to smell things, and roll around in the scent of them for a while. Take a sniff a few seconds after a person walks by [smokers exempt]. Inhale your dog, or a baby, or a flower- literally stop to smell the roses. The same with touch- what is weird about smooshing playdough or running your hands through sand? Feeling the difference between a waxy leaf and a hairy one [cacti exempt]. Feel a t-shirt, someone’s hair, the inside of a leather bag, a baby’s bottom [so you know what people are talking about]. Run your hands along a fence and feel your hand bump against each pole. It’s all there for you. The world is waiting.

Food for thought.

Social Anxiety

I don’t know whether I’m allowed to just copy and paste someone else’s post, but I’m going to give credit where credit’s due. I have social anxiety. I feel this. And I guess a lot of people do too. This blog is here to make a difference. Read this.

21 Things That Will Help You Understand Your Socially Anxious Friends So Much Better

It’s not you, it’s me.

1. Social anxiety is more complicated than just ~fearing~ people.

21 Things That Will Help You Understand Your Socially Anxious Friends So Much Better

It’s fearing getting judged by those people, offending them, saying something stupid to them, humiliating yourself in front of them. The possibilities are endless, and we’ve probably thought of every. single. one.

2. There are little stupid things that make us uncomfortable that you wouldn’t even think of.

21 Things That Will Help You Understand Your Socially Anxious Friends So Much Better

Sometimes it’s party anxiety and small talk with strangers — but sometimes it’s holding on to a browning apple core for an hour during a meeting because the thought of standing up and crossing the room to throw it away seems on par with medieval torture.

3. Vague texts like “Hey, can I ask you something?” are a unique circle of hell.

21 Things That Will Help You Understand Your Socially Anxious Friends So Much Better

What? What do you want to ask me? Why didn’t you just text the question first?Please get straight to the point so those three little dots don’t haunt our nightmares.

4. We probably won’t be the first one to invite you out, but we will drop hints.

21 Things That Will Help You Understand Your Socially Anxious Friends So Much Better

“Oh, I don’t have any plans yet, you?” = “If you were to invite me out, I’d be so down for that, but I’m not going to ask myself because aasdfasfdsfkjsaflsf.”

5. And you shouldn’t stop inviting us to things because we turn down invitations or cancel plans.

Sometimes we just can’t. It doesn’t mean we won’t want to in the future.

6. Talking us into going to a party and then leaving us to fend for ourselves is the ultimate act of betrayal.

21 Things That Will Help You Understand Your Socially Anxious Friends So Much Better

7. You probably have more socially anxious friends than you realize.

Socially anxious =/= shy or introverted, so your outgoing friends aren’t immune to the struggle even if it’s not immediately obvious.

8. We don’t expect you to know what to say when we’re struggling.

21 Things That Will Help You Understand Your Socially Anxious Friends So Much Better
NBC / Via reddit.com

The ~right~ thing to say doesn’t exist. Listening is enough.

9. But we probably don’t want to hear tips that got you through that one time you were kinda anxious about that one thing.

21 Things That Will Help You Understand Your Socially Anxious Friends So Much Better

Example: “I totally cured my anxiety with meditation. You should give it a try!”

10. It can hurt. Like, it’s physically painful.

It’s not just nerves. It can be dizziness, overheating, chills, increased heartbeat, chest pain, rapid breathing, headaches. It can be constant muscle tension. It can be EXHAUSTING.

11. A lot of anxious people also struggle with depression.

21 Things That Will Help You Understand Your Socially Anxious Friends So Much Better
Universal Pictures / Via gifatron.com

Roughly half, actually, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, so you never know exactly what someone is dealing with when they say they have anxiety.

13. Booze can take the edge off, but that doesn’t mean we want you to put a drink in our hand every time we seem anxious.

21 Things That Will Help You Understand Your Socially Anxious Friends So Much Better

We appreciate the sentiment, but our livers don’t.

14. Trying to talk us down from anxiety by explaining it’s not rational doesn’t work, even if you’re trying to help.

21 Things That Will Help You Understand Your Socially Anxious Friends So Much Better
Walt Disney Productions / Via gif-database.tumblr.com

We know it’s not rational. If our bodies cared about what was rational, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

15. We probably assume you like us less than you do.

We probably assume you like us less than you do.

If you think your friend with social anxiety is undervaluing your friendship, they’re probably just underestimating it. Seriously, studies have been done to back this up.Stating explicitly that you consider them a friend might save them the trouble of tailspinning into an existential crisis about your relationship.

16. Don’t be weirded out if we take something insignificant personally, because we overanalyze everything.

21 Things That Will Help You Understand Your Socially Anxious Friends So Much Better

Did you not see me when I waved at you, or were you ignoring me? Is it me you’re vague-tweeting about? Why did you end your text with a period instead of a poop emoji?????

17. Little things add up, so it might seem like we freak out over nothing sometimes.

21 Things That Will Help You Understand Your Socially Anxious Friends So Much Better

Whatever tiny thing we’re stressing over is most definitely the tip of a larger, more anxiety-ridden iceberg.

18. As a general rule, please don’t take it personally.

21 Things That Will Help You Understand Your Socially Anxious Friends So Much Better
Castle Rock Entertainment / Via 8ast.tumblr.com

Haven’t heard from us in a few days? We left a party without saying goodbye? We never showed up at all? Probably not personal.

19. Sharing what we’re going through is a big sign of trust.

21 Things That Will Help You Understand Your Socially Anxious Friends So Much Better
Cartoon Network / Via pastelmarceline.tumblr.com

And also a sign that we care about you enough that we want you to know what’s going on with us.

20. Especially because sometimes we feel so annoying we can’t stand it.

21 Things That Will Help You Understand Your Socially Anxious Friends So Much Better
UTV Stars / Via viralstories.in

Like, serious burdens.

21. We don’t need to be treated like we’re fragile, but we so, so appreciate small efforts to make us more comfortable.

21 Things That Will Help You Understand Your Socially Anxious Friends So Much Better

No one with social anxiety wants to be coddled, but taking the time to understand what they’re going through basically makes you the best friend ever. So thank you.

A New Look

The other day I was looking for my favourite brand of tea, and I couldn’t find it. I usually wonder why there are those ads that tell the general public “we’ve got a new look!” I mean, couldn’t you spend your money on making your frozen vegetables taste less like plastic, rather than changing your font? But, the point is, that I didn’t know where it was, until I realised they’d just gotten a “new look”.

So, if you’re new to this blog, move along and enjoy! Welcome! But if you’ve been around a while and watched me fiddle along with this [or better yet, know me personally and know I can’t deal with computers], here is the blog’s “new look”. Why? No, not a spiritual awakening. Well, not really. I just found out that I could change themes and fonts and colours and stuff. So, leave me a comment and tell me what you think about it. Let me know if you like the colours [is it depressing? Because on the preview it told me things would be blue and now they’re grey- is that a good thing?] Tell me what your thoughts are, but basically, yea, I’m still writing the same stuff. If you liked it before, you’ll probably like it now [although colour theory is a real thing, people] and if you didn’t, I don’t know if the adorable picture of Enzo licking his nose will make it better. Maybe like a page in appreciation, I don’t know.

For once, I’m asking what you think. 🙂

Thanks everyone, and just to take the chance, thanks for being on here anyway.

Heavens Above.


Something that I find interesting is when you ask people about heaven and hell. Some people just freeze up at the mention of hell. I mean, to the Vikings it was a place where the cowards were urinated on by the men up in Valhalla. To the milkcrate preachers on the corners, it’s a place of fire and brimstone [what’s so wrong with brimstone??], but the most interesting response I’ve had- and it hasn’t been a one off, either- is that hell is a great big party.

Let’s clarify something. Hell is not a party.-Oil-painting-The-Hell-Fresco

The Christian Hell is somewhere without God. All of the scary things people have said about it- that it’s hot, that it’s freezing, that it’s a place of cowards and boasters, that it’s got nine circles, that it’s got three- they may be true. They mayn’t. But to understand Hell, you need to understand that, in your life on Earth, no matter how bad things get, you’ll never be without God. Even in your darkest moments, no matter how much you deny him [well, this is what Christians believe, anyhow], you will always have God. Everything good in your life, every little piece of love comes from him. ‘God is good’ isn’t a metaphor, or a description of God. It’s a description of good. God is good. Everything you have that is good is God. God is love. Jesus is the Prince of Peace, God is our father, the good shepherd. He’s a good guy. So, imagine everything you live life for, everything you look forward to, not there. At the moment, I’m looking forward to a dinner for my dad, whom I love, and his birthday. Then another birthday party on Saturday, in a park, surrounded by nature which God made, and then on Sunday I’m meeting up with a friend. This is exciting. This is what I’m looking forward to. Hell is none of that.

Hell may be cold- do you like the cold? It’s burning hot. Do you prefer the heat? It’ll freeze your toes off. Do you love people? They won’t be there. Do you cherish something? It won’t be there either. Do you enjoy doing something? You won’t be able to. Dante imagined hell as a place where everyone is punished according to how they’ve lived their lives. The adulterers are tethered together so they can never, ever escape each other. The Devil himself is punished by God for running away by never being able to move again. It’s a place of wailing and pain. It’s a place of destruction- God is what keeps this world balanced, keeps people on the right track and trying their hardest. Hell has none of that, either.

And it isn’t even because Hell was built that way. No one planned it. Just God said, I’ll be in Heaven and on Earth, not in Hell. And so, as a result of that, Hell is, well, hell. It won’t be a party because they’ll be no fun, joy, peace, happiness, goodness, love, gentleness, hope.


And this is why I look forward to heaven. Because Heaven is only God. [We’re getting to the resolution of this story]. Revelations 4:21 says no tears, no pain. Forever being in the presence of a God who loves you- that love would fill your cup over one million times. Sometimes people, usually in an attempt to stump a Christian, ask “but won’t you be sad if I’m not there?” Well, while I would definitely prefer you’re there, so you can experience this, it’s not going to be about you and me. God’s love is sufficient. We need people on Earth, but in Heaven, I can only imagine how it must be to be forever in the presence of a God who gave us a glimpse of his love by sending his son to die for us. You may meet the people you love, you may not. It is my belief it will not matter, because you’ll have God. My parents, maybe in another room or another universe, or right next to me, will meet God. The God you gave your life to, will reward you for that. As a kid, I used to imagine houses stories high with lollies everywhere and jumping castles and never getting sick from drinking too much chocolate milk. Well, heaven might be like that. I can imagine a God who would make that for me. But growing up, I’ve come to the idea that it’s not about that. If Heaven was an empty room with God in it, I would be completely fine with that. And that is Heaven. The Christian, bona fide, heaven.

And all you’ve got to do to get there is say yes to a God who wants to spend eternity with you. Well, I’ve made my mind up.


The Cost

The problem with forgiveness is that it’s much like a credit card. If you don’t give over what you truly have, but instead give over what you don’t have, or try and use something else, sooner or later, it will bite you in the butt. You will have less than you had originally, and owe that debt.

I’ve wanted to write about forgiveness for a while, because I feel like it’s something most people want to hear about, but to be honest, I haven’t known what to write. The most common saying about forgiveness is “forgive and forget”, and when I was put in a situation where I had to forgive, I figured I could. I knew I should. But I didn’t know how to. One year on, though, and I still haven’t forgotten at all. I remember every detail of what happened, and every single thing about the one who hurt me. It still hurts.

The problem with love is that it’s much like sugar. With sugar, you want enough to make what you’re eating sweet, and I guess we need enough of it to stay alive. I mean, it comes from heaps of places you don’t even realise. But too much, and it causes all sorts of problems. If you get too addicted to love, you look for it in places it comes in heaps and don’t worry about it’s quality. Think about sugar in fruit, and then think about sugar in a family pack of bite sized Snickers. They’re called “family” packs for a reason, people.

I have written a bit about love, and I’ve thought about it. There’s nothing actually wrong with wanting love, or getting it from good places, but when you get into a situation where it’s not balanced with anything, where it’s not doing you any good. You can lose control of yourself when it comes to love. The saying that comes to mind is “love is blind”. That, I can agree with.

The problem with hope is that it’s a little like a car. You have a destination, and your hope is what will get you there- what drives you [pun intended]. Hope is the pedal, hope is the steering wheel, hope is the fuel. The actual issue is that hope is not the brake. Life is the brake. And when you suddenly find the brakes put on, hope isn’t your seatbelt either. You can build your car how you want, but the fact is that oftentimes, you won’t have anything protecting you from the fall you’re going to take because all you had in your hands was hope, and when it gets taken away, you’ll have nothing.

I’ve never wanted to write about hope. Because hope is something we all know too well. Perhaps you live with hope, perhaps you don’t. Perhaps hope is all you’ve got. Hope is what makes you get up when you get hit down. Hope that tomorrow will be better than today. Hope something good will be around the corner. Hope there’s a light at the end of this tunnel.


So, it’s come to the end of a year from where I have been hurt by someone I loved. I loved very, very deeply and openly. I loved with hope. And now that all that is done and said, I have to look at forgiveness, and that’s scary. The question of what to do has haunted me for a year, because now that all the anger has gone [and with it, the self righteousness], and all the fear has gone [and with it, the urge to hide], I stand in the open and stare into her face before me and think, forgiveness. “Forgive and ye shall be forgiven.”

Well, it has taken me a year to realise that I don’t think that first quote was correct. I honestly don’t think that if you were truly hurt, and you truly loved, and you had true, full steam ahead hope, that you can forget. How can I forget all the things that happened? How can I forget- some days it’s not something in my head, but just a dull ache in my heart. My heart cannot forget. I cannot look her inthe eye, I cannot speak a word to her, still. I just can’t.

But forgiveness and forgetfulness, my friend, are not synonymous. That’s my revelation. That’s what I choose to share with you. Because forgiveness means you don’t hate them or blame them. It means you can love again. It means you can hope again. Because you will never forget what they did to you, but you can forgive which will let you move on. It will be in your heart, but it does not consume your heart. You will remember it, but one day, it will be at the back of your mind, pushed back by all the new loves, and the fresh hope. To forgive means to give for- to give love for them, and for yourself, and for those you will love tomorrow. And so, we pay our debts, from our heart and not with false feelings [the false money of a credit card]. And so, we learn to watch how much sugar we consume and how, as we learn which will benefit us and which won’t. And so, we once more get into the car, and we gently press the accelerator until we realise we have well and truly left that pain behind, because we forgave- we can now keep going.


It costs, but it’s worth it.

Random Acts of Kindness

Around the time of Easter, my church encourages people to do random acts of kindness and leave a card referring the general public to our church service. What I’ve been thinking, though, is why should we limit ourselves to doing random acts of kindness for the world only during a specific time? So, here are few ideas you can use to make the world a little happier.

1) Bake for someone. With a group of friends, I baked for the local police and fire station. While the firefighters were really pleased, the policewoman gave me this suspicious look- I guess policemen learn to be suspicious as part of their job- but it was rewarding. It’s also a fun way to spend the afternoon, and if you’re not the greatest chef, buy something to make from a mixture, and decorate.


2) Give someone flowers. Not limited to mother’s day and valentines, flowers brighten up a room, are cheap and smell great. Keep in mind allergies, but otherwise, even a single flower can make someone’s day.
Sean Covey once said “don’t wait until someone’s dead to give them flowers.”


3) Wash the dishes. Your own, the person who made you dinner [this even includes people who’s houses you’re at]. A simple idea that could mean a rest for mum or dad.


4) Pay for the person behind you at the drive thru. With this one, you may end up with two soft serves [has happened to me] or with a family dinner, but it’d be pretty cool to know your meal has been paid for by a complete stranger. At one cafe [alternatively], they had a jar where people just put money until it makes enough for someone without enough to get a free one, or make up enough- keep that in mind. Afterwards, maybe even leave a card with your church services, or something like that on it.


5) Write a letter or note to some of your friends, maybe even a random person in your class. A gift of words- it’s free, neat and sweet.


6) In lieu of that, maybe start up a conversation online with a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.


7) If you’re meeting up in a small group, for instance a youth group or study group, bring food or drinks for everyone without organising to. A cake or some tea for everyone can make something ordinary [or, you know, boring], something enjoyable.


8) This one is one I’ve heard and thought was interesting- tape a church card, or inspirational note to a $5 note, and put it somewhere. Literally, just drop it as you’re walking for someone to find. Who knows who’ll pick it up?

9) Walk a neighbour’s dog or mow their lawn. Take the whole “love your neighbour” thing to the next level.


10) Give a random gift. You know when you’re walking through the supermarket and you think, “so and so really likes this”, or “this would look great on them”, don’t just walk past it! Buy it! Give it to them for no reason other than you saw it and thought of them. Gift giving shouldn’t be something we have to do

. present