Fifty Reasons Why We Still Need Feminism

I’m talking today, right now, reasons we need feminism. Some of these have links to different blog posts, others are going to be turned into blog posts but some just don’t need explanation. I didn’t even Google these, but just sat down and wrote what I think we need feminism to change- I’m sure there are plenty more.

1.      Straight off the bat that feminists are seen as 
a) offensive
b) bitchy
c) lesbian

2.      Because it’s inappropriate for women to have strong opinions or political leanings. Seen and not heard, ladies. The very fact that I’m writing this blog post is offensive to people.

3.     Unneccessarily gendered items, such as cans of Solo, packs of tissues, razors and toothbrushes that come in blues and pinks, with flowers or trucks.

4.      Make up

5.      Beauty is uncomfortable, and men don’t have to deal with that. Think heels, lingerie.

6.      Girls are still asked if/who they’re dating over what they’re doing at school

7.      There are less women in engineering, politics and science than teaching, cooking and acting

8.      Incapable mothers are still chosen over capable fathers in custody battles because it is a woman’s job to raise a child, no matter how terrible she’s going to be at it or how much he really wants to

9.      Girls are still judged by the length of their skirt, height of heels or depth of neckline

10.  Slut shaming

11.  Blaming the victim for the rape, because she didn’t scream, because she involuntarily orgasmed, because her skirt was too short, she was intoxicated, she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time

12.  If a woman walks into a bar, she is to expect to be hit on [because she can’t just be ordering a drink like the man next to her]
13a. If a woman is groped in a bar, she shouldn’t have gone in anyway
13b. Refer to unnecessarily gendered items, but all beer and a lot of alcohol is advertised for men

13.  Girls schools offer dance and drama over woodwork and computer studies [and vice versa]

14.  An unmarried elderly woman is pitied while a man in her position is considered just not willing to be “tied down”

15.  The idea marketed to men of being married [“last night of freedom”, “game over”, “the same sex every night, the same woman every morning” are just a few catch phrases] as compared to women [basically, it’s necessary, look for the perfect man. Side note: there is a perfect man.]

16.  Sugar Daddy connotations vs. the connotations of being a “Cougar” [she’s gonna eat that young man alive].

17.  Women are still expected to have children, raise families, clean the house, cook and satisfy her husband as well as have a job [why would any woman want a job as well as a career?]

18.  When a woman has underage sex with a boy, it’s fine. When a man has underage sex with a girl, he’s a paedophile. [Based on the preconception that all men are sexual beings who always want it, while girls are always the victim.]

19.  The feminine pixie cut

20.  Men going out with their daughters is less socially acceptable than women going out with their sons, for example to go shopping. Linked to

21.  It’s the woman’s job to raise the kids. The man provides, the woman nurtures.

22.  Women are still taught to live inside, and keep the house while the men are told to go outside and get their hands dirty gardening. The shed/garage is a man’s place [or, indeed, a man’s cave].

23.  Women are still not allowed to preach in some churches

24.  Religion still dictates gender inequality is okay. Women should be more modest than men, and stay quiet, because we were created not just differently but unequally [“if God wanted to make men and women equal, he would have just made men.” Reproduction would have been hilarious.]

25.  That society suggests men are more sexual. Women lust, masturbate and watch porn less because we just don’t have these sexual feelings at all [and if we do, we should hide them]. Girls, cover up, but guys can go around without shirts on because of course we don’t feel anything at all.

26.  A woman is still expected to change her last name to her husband’s

27.  It is still common for the man to ask a girl’s father for permission to marry her, and for him to walk her down the aisle to “give her away”, not to mention pay for the wedding as a form of dowry.

28.  Catcalling is still, if not accepted, not actively rejected. It is still rare for someone to stick up for a girl getting catcalled and still taught she should ignore it or be okay with it instead of doing something to stop it and teach the guys it’s not okay.

29.  Being pretty will still help you in a job interview

30.  Sexual harassment in the work place

31.  The wage gap

32.  No female celebrity will be seen publicly without make up

33.  The gossip tabloids are still filled with crap about who people are dating and what they are wearing

34.  Actresses are still not taken as seriously as their male counterparts. Don’t ask Scarlett Johnasen whether she wore underwear with her Black Widow costume, #askhermore.

35.  Sport stars of both genders are still looked at for their bodies rather thantheir talents or acheivements and marketed to the opposite gender accordingly, with magazines and newspapers telling women whose single and what Michael Clarke’s wife was wearing rather than how much he scored.

36.  The G.S.T. on pads and tampons

37.  Girls are taught in sexual education that it is their responsibility not to get pregnant. We are shown how to apply a condom to a man’s penis and taught to carry one with us, because he mightn’t be, although he wants to have sex. The responsibility, rather than being mutual, is solely ours, because teenage boys just aren’t expected to stick around for an unwanted pregnancy while we have to.

38.  Stigma towards women with tattoos compared to men with them

39.  Think of all the words for promiscuous women- slut, slag, whore, bitch, trash- now think of all the ones for men- man whore? [Although you don’t need to say girl whore.] Playboy sounds kind of cute, actually.

40.  Girls are taught we have something to prove.

41.  “Grow a pair” compared to “you’re a pussy”. “Take it like a man” compared to “you hit/run/jump/fight/scream like a girl”. “Crying is for girls”. Side note: testicles are very sensitive. Vaginas push through monthly periods and usually childbirth. 

42.  Sewing and knitting stuff is aimed at women. Literally all of stores like Spotlight and Lincraft are just for women- there might be a man on the sign for balloons?

43.  Sort of related to unneccesarily gendered items, stuff for one gender will cost less than for the other. Man’s facial cream cost more, whereas men’s underwear, socks, shoes, clothes and thongs will cost less.

44.  Girls are still the supporting character, even in chick flicks. All of Gabriella’s songs had to do with Troy, all of Troy’s solos had to do with, well, himself.

45.  We need to be rescued all the time? How come girls get the superpowers so little?

46.  When the women do get a cool roll, it’s as the smart one when the man gets the strong one.

Eg: Harry Potter and Hermione Granger
Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoke
Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia
Jace Whatever his last name is and Clary
Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey

47.  It’s still uncomfortable? Awkard? Shameful? For a woman’s nipples to be seen, hence the uncomfortable, expensive world of bras.

48.  Sex slavery [common in Australia too]

49.  1/3 women will be sexually abused or raped at least once in their lifetime

50.  Women are nurses, men are doctors. Women are teachers, men are professors. All women should be cooks, men should aspire to be chefs.

51.  Boys and girls can’t just be friends. No, someone has to want more. 
52a. It’ll always be the girl who won’t just be happy being friends with benefits. Girls are always wanting romance, boys are always just thinking about sex. A beautiful double stereotype.

52.  That women are still passing this on to the next generation. We are still teaching our kids this, refusing to break the cycle because 
1) it’s too hard. We know, even subconsciously, that our girls will get bullied by her schoolmates, her lovers, her bosses, for being different, and we don’t want that for them, so we teach them to conform. We give them an easy route, and don’t change anything because we don’t want them to get hurt. We try ourselves, but the river always finds the easiest path to flow down. We may be brave, but stop the next generation, try to protect them.

2) We don’t want to. By we, I mean females or even society in general. We don’t want things to change, because, like always, we’re comfortable and scared. Where would we go without these stereotypes and barriers? Redefining our entire society will be hard, and so, let’s just avoid that and never get anywhere, hey?


So, feminists, stand up and do something. Did any of these resonate within you? Fight. Because the fight is not over.


What’s the Issue With Makeup?

I’m in a play at the moment about feminism. As fancy as that sounds, it is really just three of us getting up in front of people performing, but, it is, in the classic sense of the word, a play. Besides, it’s fancy to me. But after watching it, a comment was made- you made fun of girls wearing make-up. Why is it such a bad thing? [I’ll try and get around to addressing some of the other issues that were mentioned as well, but the comment about make up has really stuck with me, so I’ll give that a bit of spot light.]wedding_makeup_20

Well, you see, what is the problem with make up?


Make up is, for those of you who are confused, all the creams, powders, swabs, pencils, tools and tricks that are used by women to make themselves used more beautiful. Indeed, in some cases, it’s used by men, and in even other cases, it’s used by men to make themselves look like beautiful women. Make up refers to the various devices that, at a certain age, dictate that a woman is no longer beautiful relying on her natural qualities, but must rely upon these to fit in and once again be considered worth looking at. because-youre-worth-it
By the age of say, eleven, girls are given make up as presents, expected to wear it at least to parties and indeed maybe begin wearing it to school. At first it’s subtle- a little mascara to make the lashes look longer, a little trimming of the eyebrows to make give them shape [the right shape, of course]. And while I may sound like I’m being sarcastic, I’m trying to deal with this in a light hearted manner, which is very, very hard.  There are some girls who, from the age of six, five, four, are aspiring for this idea of beauty that is very, very hard to reach. By the time you’re in your twenties if you’re not wearing foundation [all over face cream], eyeliner, mascara, lip balm, stick and gloss, blush and perhaps fake tan, you’re just not doing enough. While it may not fit into “make up”, this also includes waxing/shaving/threading your eyebrows , legs, underarms, sometimes arms, and even pubic hair. This is what society deems beautiful, and these are the standards women are expected and taught to live up to.

attractive woman in beauty salon on facial hair removal eyebrow threading procedure

Now that it’s defined, let’s look at it more closely [the complete anti thesis of wearing makeup, of course, which is designed so that one looks beautiful from afar. Wear it but don’t look like you’re wearing it!]

One side of the coin: What if girls like wearing make up? What if it’s just fun? What if they enjoy “feeling like a princess”. These questions were raised last night. But as I said, we need to look deeper.
Why do they enjoy doing it?

To look like a princess, you need to wear makeup. To get attention, you need to wear makeup. 14ee66b8bbee53256e1f6b5e549c34f7To be beautiful at all, you need to wear makeup. Make up is thinking, at its very core, that you’re not enough. If there was no makeup, girls would have to walk into rooms and be treated like they’re worth something because they would be all that is expected. The amount of times I have been told I am beautiful over people asking me what I’m doing at school, or asking me what I’m reading, or actually asking me about my life, makes me sad. By wearing makeup, you’re teaching the next generation of girls that all that will matter when they walk into a party, a job interview, wanting to catch the attention of someone they’re attracted to, is their face.
Now let’s consider that there are girls who do not want to wear makeup. It’s expensive. It’s time consuming [hence “gee, you take forever in the bathroom”]. It can be very, very painful. False eye lashes are glued to your actual lids. Wax rips the hair from its roots in your face. And let’s not even consider that most of the products you are using have been tested on some animal in a lab somewhere, chemical after chemical, until they find one that won’t irritate or, God forbid, kill you [after they’ve irritated and, God forbid, killed the animals]. If you enjoy looking pretty, fine. But make up has certainly strayed, if it even started, from being fun. Because now it’s the norm. Do you wonder why people like Lady Gaga go to such extremes? Because suddenly, all of this work doesn’t make you stand out. Everyone’s wearing make up! So it’s just average life. And those who don’t are weird, or lesbians, or making a fashion statement, or just “don’t care”. I have been through all of these, and the flippant comments cut you to your very core. For a while, I gave in, and I spent my hard earned money buying this stuff and learning how to wear it, and I got compliments and that felt good. But aren’t we just encouraging society to look at us shallowly? Aren’t we saying, by giving in, that it’s okay?

lady-gaga (1)

Makeup is a monster we’ve created a monster, and we’re trying to fix- that’s where feminism comes in. Equality. Because if a man grew his facial hair, he’d be normal- sometimes it’s even considered sexy. Because men don’t wear makeup, and when they do, it’s considered “trying something new”, or “highlighting their features”. A man with makeup won’t be chosen for a job over one without it. A handsome man is just a man who is handsome, without even trying. He’ll still get asked what he’s reading, what he did on the weekend, that his suit looks nice, what he’s doing after school. That’s not equality.

That’s why make up is “bad”.

At the end of the day, fine, keep wearing it, but answer me this.
Why are you wearing it?

You’re beautiful enough.

God and Suffering

I was having a chat the other day with a mature Christian whom I admire and we were discussing where God fits into a world of suffering. The Bible tells us not just that God loves us (John 3:16), but that he IS love (1 John 4:8). So how does that reconcile with what we see when we look outside our window? 
Well, here is what we’ve got to work with- a loving God who has plans for our good and not destruction (Jeremiah 29:11). Seems hard to believe. But, we (my friend and I) came up with the following conclusion- God proves all through the Bible that he comes true on his promises and he has promised never to leave not forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6) so he’s still here. In amongst the ruins, God is still here. 
But the plans that are happening right now aren’t great- indeed a lot of them are destructive. Well, then they’re not God’s. At the root of all evil is sin. No matter where it came from (another story for another time), sin is what turned a good world into a bad one. At the root of all of our problems is man and his predilection towards choosing to do wrong. Hunger comes from greed; slavery comes from providing for consumer or sex driven societies; war comes from the desire to be right, picking pride over humility. If we were all a little less greedy and stopped buying food we won’t eat, clothes made by sweatshops, and hoarding money we don’t need instead of donating it to those in need, we could actually start to fix our own problems. Sounds easy? Try it. A statistic I heard the other day is that if every church registered in America adopted two kids a year, America wouldn’t have orphanages or foster homes. While it may be easy to blame everything on God, it’s us. The problem is us. We can all do something but we don’t, and so here we are. 
But, God is all powerful! Well, take a different spin on the words “God is good.” (Psalms 136:1) Because is he isn’t just good the adjective, but the noun, good. All that is good is God. When you see a child smile, a pretty flower, feel love, that’s God. When you trust God with your life, amazing things happen and he works through you (ever wonder why so many people do it?). Look up testimonies, or check out mine on here. God works through his people, and he does amazing things every day. The fact that there is good in the world- every act of charity, every time you laugh, every time something goes right instead of wrong, “thank God” isn’t just a saying. People actually do it. He has plans, and good ones. We just don’t see them as we concentrate on all the terrible things. For more on this, check out my post on heaven and hell, because one day we will recognise what life without God truly is. He walks with us, he’s here. Trust is hard, but it’s better than no hope.
Finally, what about the bigger picture? Why start all of this and leave us in it? Christians ask this too, and shouldn’t be afraid to (look up “Best Tries” by Jamie Smith). There’s an entire book on the Bible on it- Job, a guy left to suffer even though he’d done everything right. It got so bad that some theologists think it’s a parable we ought to learn from, but anyone who has been at their lowest can identify with him. Sometimes, I feel like he just represents all of humanity. 

He cries out to God, and at the very end of the story, God answers. He answers, in short (the actual verses are quite beautiful – Job 38-41) that he has a plan and he knows- has always known- what he’s doing. It gets hard looking for the beautiful in every day life, little signs God is listening, but the majority of Christians won’t miss a beat before they tell you it was worth it trusting God. There’s something bigger promised though. Heaven, with no tears or pain (Revelations 21:4). No matter how good it will ever get on earth, a day in His courts is better than a thousand here (Psalm 84:10). And that gives me hope, because Gods plan was never just limited to here. Earth is just a taste of how good it’s going to get, and the pain we look forward to escaping. This amazing hope, from an eternal love. 
That, to me, is worth waiting for. 
 I know it doesn’t mean people won’t go through pain. It means I want to help them, spurred to show the love that was shown me. 

I know it doesn’t mean I’ll never go through pain but it means I’ll get through it knowing God has good plans for me, and heaven is waiting. 

I know it doesn’t mean all of the worlds problems are fixed, but this breaks Gods heart as it breaks ours- this compassion comes from him, and so, as He works so should we. 
Heaven is coming. Hold on. 

The Lust Thing

So it has occurred to me that a lot of people aren’t truly aware of what lust is. In our little bubbles of righteousness it can be easy to dismiss everything in one place (in this case the Bible), especially based on the idea that it’s made entirely of constricting rules. However, those who adhere to it also prescribe to a God who is loving and wants our best at heart, so this is a bit of a paradox- you can’t have a loving God and a grumpy one with a bunch of rules trying to trip us up. So, where does this leave us? With a God who made rules out of love.
An example: a parent doesn’t let their kid stray out onto the road, because they can see cars coming. They know what cars are and the pain they can cause- hopefully the kid will learn this as they grow older, but without having to experience it first hand. Sometimes they can see over a bush or around a corner can’t because they’re bigger. God is the parent (literally; the Father).
And so we come to lust. I have had quite a few people tell me lust is a good thing, and a few people tell me it isnt. Well, here are the facts on what lust is and you decide. Lust, as defined by, is

“1) intense sexual desire or appetite.

2) uncontrolled or illicit sexual desire or appetite; lecherousness.

3) a passionate or overmastering desire or craving (usually followed by for ): a lust for power.”
   Or, in case you don’t trust the oldies, here is the definition of

“often confused with love, it is purely physical attraction and has no lasting effect”.
So basically, lust is the overwhelming desire, not just desire. And, it’s not love. The simplest way I can think to explain it is that, if you were dating someone right now and you imagined your relationship without anything sexual, are you happy seeing them and just talking? Being affectionate? 

Yes= love, the beginnings of romance.

No= it’s probably lust. 
People have relationships based on lust all the time. Booty calls, friends with benefits- this is why people hire prostitutes at it’s most basic form. Because we all have sexual urges. This may come with stigma, but I’m not passing judgement. It is just what it is. Lust. People date people they hate because they satisfy the primal urge to have sex.
On the flip side of this coin are couples. Dating people. Boyfriend and girlfriend. Love. And while sex and sexual things may spring as a result afterwards, I know couples who refuse to be in the same room together alone because developing their love, affection, other aspects of their relationship is more important. They don’t want to cross from love into lust, which is simply desiring sex over intimacy. Love means person first, sex later, and while sex is a great way to build intimacy, if you don’t have the building blocks of great conversation, chemistry and affection, the relationship can’t grow as an actual relationship. 

Love means strength in what you’re building while lust means it could end tomorrow. 
From a Christian perspective, this is what the bible is saying- lust is bad because you’re not controlling your basic instincts in favour of something deeper. Jesus said a man who looks at a woman with lust has already committed a sin. This doesn’t mean if you’re attracted to anyone you’re screwed, but rather don’t look at her boobs, look at her heart. Value her for a human being. This is why some Christians encourage dating friends, beside you know them as are attracted to them. Same with girls. Lust is a dead end road, however fun travelling down it may be. Love is, or has the potential to be forever. It doesn’t have to be the first guy you meet, date and love you marry, but every guy deserves love and deserves to be broken up with because of matters of the heart not just because you got bored of him. 
At the end of the day, I prefer love. You can’t have both- one will always win out (this can, by the way, be from lust to love, especially according to Hollywood, but entering into that relationship with hope may may not end as well as it did for Ashton Kutcher). You unfortunately cannot have your cake and eat it. 

Let love win. ❤️ 

The Gay Marriage Thing

Before you read this, I’d like to point out I’ve attempted to express my opinions with as much grace as possible. If you read this, I’d love to hear your opinions, but not if they’re filled with hate simply for outlining what I believe.

At this point in time, I don’t know where I stand on gay marriage. As a Christian teen with a lot of non Christian friends, I get asked a lot, and it’s left me with the feeling that I need to stand on a “side”. One either represents the “against” side, which is the one with all the stodgy old people, or the “for” side, which is all the “dude, but are you really a Christian though?” people. Well, yea, I am really a Christian, but this is hard.

The “for” side looks appealing. Firstly, it would mean that I fit in with my generation, and, surprisingly this has very little [for me personally] to do with peer pressure. You see, it’s widely recognised that generation X and Y are the ones that are pioneering. We’re getting rid of all the rubbish people have been struggling with for centuries, toppling things such as sexism, racism, illogical thinking [particularly when it comes to advances in the fields of science and technology], and domestic violence. We’re finishing off these beasts, and moving on from antiquated thinking.
When it comes to Christianity, however, the mentality shifts a little. How do you maintain a dynamic religion in contemporary Australia when you serves a God who is the same “yesterday, today and forever” [Hebrews 13:8]? A good point that has been raised is, how do we know that this whole thing about homosexuality in the Bible isn’t like this whole thing about modesty in the Bible? [Applicable to a very specific context which has changed over time.] I was reading an article [yes, I’ve actually done research] a few weeks ago on sex before marriage, and while there were some good points, one that rubbed the wrong way was, “but if you cut out that bit of the Bible, why not cut out everything that just doesn’t suit you?” [it was said rather patronisingly, as well]. Well, that’s not right, because yea, the Bible is there for guidelines that have been pretty helpful for society, and it’s clear [to me, and a lot of other Christians] that when humanity tries to live without those guidelines, we stuff up. But what about 1 Timothy 2:9? “And I want women to be modest in their appearance. They should wear decent and appropriate clothing and not draw attention to themselves by the way they fix their hair or by wearing gold or pearls or expensive clothes.” It ticks a lot of boxes- New Testament, so we’re subscribing to the New Covenant, and it’s in amongst a lot of good words of wisdom. But if we think about it today, a lot of Christian women do their hair nicely and wear gold and pearls and stuff… So we back it up with a bit more Bible. 1 Peter 3:3 says “Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes.” Now, that’s logical and explains a little more. He’s talking about modesty, pride. So you can wear that stuff and not be proud, but you could dress very, very modestly and still have internal issues of the heart. Okay. But homosexuality?

Another point that’s been raised is, “well, whatever people do with themselves is fine [1 Corinthians 10:23] but gay marriage means it won’t be marriage any more”. This is a hard one. It’s caused such a ruckus that the Presbyterians have begun considering dropping out of the Marriage Act of Australia if it goes ahead, because homosexual marriage just wouldn’t be marriage. The thing that makes the “for” side of gay marriage all the more appealing for me is that this hasn’t been handled with much grace. It just seems that every time I read an article on it, someone is having a hissy fit with a large lack of love. I’ve seen it referred to as turning marriage into a “government and societal register of sexual friendships”, and that, I find, is quite rude. I was trying to read with an open mind, but if all the people against it are speaking like that, I can see why people default to the for side. I wanna be where the people are! [Not the grumpy old grouches of the Christian world…]
And, presented with love, I can see the “for” side’s argument quite clearly [although, feel free to correct me in the comments section]- we love each other just as much as heterosexual people who decide to get married to, and deserve the right to declare a life long commitment to each other in the same way. Well, at least that’s what I’m hearing. Becuaes that’s what marriage, at it’s core, is- a public statement that you have found the person you want to dedicate the rest of your life to loving [hence the whole “in sickness and in health, ‘til death do us part” thing]. No matter what marriage has become, or how some people [inside and outside of the church] see it, that’s marriage. Except, this is where the “against” side rocks up.

Because [and this is kind of the major part of their argument, and what keeps me on the fence], marriage is a religious tradition, and therefore how it’s defined by religion is quite significant. God sets the rules out for marriage at the very beginning of the Bible- it’s clearly important.
“That is why a man leaves his mother and father and is united to his wife and they become one flesh.” Genesis 2:24.

Not much room for interpretation. Yes, marriage is a major declaration of love, and a new level of relationship [which is what leads to debates on the “divorce” thing] but the Bible clearly states it’s between a man and a woman. This isn’t some concept but a definition. The following example may help visualise.
If you were to build something with four legs, made of wood, and then a board across the top, which you may add a cushion to, before adding a solid back, what would you call it? A chair, probably. And if someone were to argue and say it were a table? Well, no, because a table is built differently to serve a different purpose. It may be wider, and impracticle to place a cushion on. It may be taller, too. You can’t debate the word “chair” or what it’s made for, or that a table is something different. Yes, you might rest something on a chair, but that isn’t what defines it. Similarly you can sit on a table, but that wasn’t what it was built for.

So, I have to say that I’m sitting on the fence. I’ve heard some great arguments for both sides, and I’ll continue to ponder it, but at the end of the day, I think we ignore what’s important. Jesus did not outline to his followers what we must think about the rules of the Bible. Indeed, check out Matthew 23– he rebukes those who spend their time concentrating on the laws and rules, and who try to shove those rules down other people’s throats. The only things he said are important, and sum up everything, are Mark 12:31-32. Love God, love each other. If you can’t present your opinions without hurting people’s feelings, or disregarding them, then stop expressing your opinions. They don’t matter [no offense], not when it comes at the cost of loving people. That’s what Jesus said we need to do. If you’re so dogmatic that you post hate on people’s walls, unfriend them, stop hanging out with people of different sexualities or constantly bicker over interpretations of the Bible, “you are in for trouble!” [Matthew 23:16a]

The Denomination Thing

I’ve always found it interesting trying to explain denominations to non Christians. Try it some time- try explaining how a group of people who seem to follow the same God can have such different views that they’ve decided to split off into branches. The easiest way is to relate it to people having different cultures and so deciding to segregate themselves in order to cultivate their own individual beliefs despite being of the same species. Oh wait, that’s racism.

Denominations aren’t a biblical principle, and I see them, especially when people are quite strongly for one denomination and against another, as a sign of weakness. You can’t live together, so you segregate yourself under the one thing that should unite you. It’s confusing and doesn’t present Christ the way we’re taught to present him- as one body.

“Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.” 1 Corinthians 12:12

Let’s think about this in context. Early 16th century, a guy named Martin Luther actually reads the Bible for once, and writes a thesis about how the people at the time were doing it wrong. Instead of listening to him and changing to become a more Bible centered church, he was shunned and created his own church. That’s right, folks, he literally started his own church with his own group of people [Lutheranism, because if Jesus named his followers after himself, why can’t everyone?]. As if that ideology hasn’t caused enough problems in history- “you don’t agree with me, leave”. Why can’t we be friends?

Skip forward to today and we’ve got [hold onto your hats] around 33,000 recognised denominations. That’s 33,000 different ways of interpreting the Bible. Now, while you’re free to worship how you please as long as you follow the general foundations of Christianity, the fact that we prefer to worship in our own little sections is just not good. I went to Hillsong Conference the other day, and while there were a bunch of different people there from their own churches with their own names, there were people there from churches yelling abuse at us while we waited to get in. But the thing is, that it’s not even just “leave me to do what I want” , it’s “you’re not allowed to do what you want because you’re wrong” [no matter what the Bible says that made you start your own denomination].

And this isn’t just confusing but upsetting. Because while everyone fits into the church somehow, somewhere, are we all really so different from each other that we need to judge each other? This scares people off, this competition within what’s meant to be the same religion.

“Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them: “Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall.” Luke 11:17

If we fight ourselves, it’ll make it easier for others to fight us, and harder for us to help others.

Food for thought.

Questions That Have Perfectly Logical Answers To Them But Still Need To Be Asked

The one that makes the first on my list is- what do people think they’ll accomplish by shouting? If you don’t listen to other people doing it, they probably won’t listen to you.

Where did we get the word jiffy from? And “smidgen” [which is apparently a good enough unit of measurement for cook books. Also, “pinch”, and “dash”]. Who made these words up? And how do we get these words? Were they named after people? And if so, why isn’t everything made up of names? Why do we get names from random Latin words, and from Greece, and from Germany and then add in names? Why not one or the other?

Make up-what are you trying to make up for?

Love is an open door- but to what?

What are people meant to do when their pregnant? I mean, so many things come with a warning on them for pregnant people not to participate, it’s crazy. You can’t have medicine to make you feel better, and you can’t go on that ride to make you feel better. You can’t eat that food [even if it’s your favourite] or drink that drink [even if it may also make the pain and mood swings go away]. What are you actually allowed to do?

Why are there so many voices for Shaun the Sheep? And did the voice actors actually have scripts?

Why do girl’s jeans have flies? I mean, sure, they’re a spin off from boys jeans, but let’s be honest people- we don’t use them, and their pointless wastes of zippers.

Where are single dad’s meant to change their babies? If there are only handy pull out changing tables and nappy bins in the ladies toilets, and apparently it’s socially unacceptable to allow a man to come in, even if it’s to change his smelly child, where are they supposed to do it? However, women are allowed to bring their small male children into the female bathrooms and to that I ask why didn’t the father do it? I don’t want to see your child doing a stand up wee as you proudly admire from the stall with the door open.

If you can’t do the “performing arts” [a.k.a. drama or dance] that’s completely fine, but if you can’t do maths, that makes you an idiot. Why? Just because I picked Drama over Maths does not mean I can’t add up my grocery bill or figure out what time you’re going to get here. And furthermore, you’re probably going to use those Drama skills more often in life anyway. But the point is, why is this just an assumption so much of society makes [and then feels the need to impress upon us Drama kids because of course we’ve never heard the pity we should receive that we were clearly too thick to pick the right subject].

How did people survive for so long with so little baths? I mean, we’ve got the Vikings who were considered a clean civilisation when they were only bathing occasionally, and then the rest of the world who just didn’t do it. How did they get along with each other when they must have smelt so bad? And how did they get through it without body scrub, soap, shampoo, conditioner, “extra lathers if required” and body lotion?

Why do we rely so much on other people’s opinions of us? Surely if I’m changing to fit your likes and needs, you never really liked me in the first place? And if you did, you probably won’t like me once I get to being who I’m becoming in an effort to please you?

How are you meant to do things like kissing? Unlike going to the toilet and brushing your teeth, no one is teaching you. No one really wants to teach you. Although I suppose no one wanted to teach you to wipe your bum or use small, circular motions to clean the remnants of last night’s leftovers off your molars.  But no, in all seriousness, if you read half of the crap that Girlfriend magazine tells you on how to pick up guys, it’s a wonder anyone is ever in a relationship. Or worse, listen to the crap advice people sometimes do offer up- thanks grandma. But how are you just meant to learn this stuff?

Why are there separate things for men and women? It’s not like I can’t finish off a man sized can of Solo. It’s not like I can’t use a man sized box of tissues [is that just a subtle poke by the women working at Kleenex at the man flu?] Why are there pink toys and blue toys for girls and boys and why do the blue ones always look better and seem cooler?

Why does Australia have such a crap Prime Minister? And why do people who don’t even know what he’s doing or saying already know that he’s a crap Prime Minister?

Why do we have the Queen? Why do we need the Queen? What does she do, except occupy the sides of our money, make great memes and sort of mill about cutting cakes?

Why do dogs wag their tails? I mean, yea I know you’re happy, but why can’t you just- I dunno, smile or something? Or just tell me? Or I’ll just assume… But why the tail?

Why are there sequels to movies that don’t need sequels and vice versa?

Why does my nail polish stay perfect on some of my fingers and not on others? Then I have to take the whole lot off and start again.

Why does my hair grow differently depending on where it sits on my head? And why do some people suit some haircuts and others just don’t?

Where do socks go? [That one has plagued humanity for centuries.]

Why do we say a “pair of jeans” and a “pair of glasses” but only “a shirt”? I mean, surely if we say a pair because there are two leg holes [what do you even call the leg holes?!] we should say that the shirt is a “pair of shirts” because there are two arm holes? And what about the glasses- because there are two arms? Because there are actually two bits of glass? And if you have two pairs of glasses, are you allowed to say you have “a pair of glasseses”? [Because you should be.]

Why do we have things that are “children movies”? Or “family movies”? That just makes all of the people who think that “Up” is one of the best movies of all times but is over the age of 18 and doesn’t have offspring ashamed, and that’s not good.

I’m sure there are plenty of other questions out there, and I’m sure there are plenty of logical answers [as I said] to many of the questions I’ve asked today. If you’ve got a question, feel free to post it in a comment. If you’ve got an answer, may I ask- why?

Stereotypes for the Stereotyped


So, I know that stereotypes are used in movies. And it’s not even a real issue to me that sometimes they’re used in certain movies as a way to stir up people’s humour. But I was wondering why stereotypes are used in certain movies. I mean, why use stereotypes of girls when we know they’re not real?

I’ll give you an example. The other day, I watched Pitch Perfect 2. In that, the girls in their college sorority house walk around in their pajamas and have a pillow fight, their faces all perfectly made up and it seemed completely pointless. Why? Let’s agree that the target audience of the film was teenage girls- the majority of people watching it, therefore, was aware of the goings on at sleepovers. I, myself, have never had a pillow fight. So what is the point of stereotypes in these films? I mean, sure, if it was a film aimed at guys [lets say, Fast and the Furious, or the Terminator, but then again, that would be me stereotyping], but in a chick flick? And what is all of this stuff about romantic relationships?

So, I pondered this, and I came to two conclusions.
Firstly, that the people who make these movies are really this clueless. They’ve seen countless chick flicks before, and they assume the stereotypes are just easiest to stick to. So, instead of the girls gathering around a campfire and figuring out how to get their harmonies just right, it being a singing movie [oh wait, they do that at the end], they threw in a pillow fight and some boyfriend troubles.
The second idea is that there are screenwriters out there who want girls to be like this. Yea, this is stereotypes but not only is it how girls have been “forever”, but it’s how girls should be. You’ve never had a pillow fight? Well, everyone else has, so you should probably get around to that. Except, there’s added pressure to wake up in the morning with a perfectly made up face. And there’s the implication that your life will be better when you have a boyfriend to support your dreams and aspirations. No, you can’t do this on your own.


Opposites Attract

“Opposites attract, I guess this is that.”
-Trouble, Iggy Azalea

I wonder, sometimes what everyone says “opposites attract”. I mean, the majority of my friends are quite similar to me. If I found out they like a few things different to me, I guess that’s fine, but what is this whole “opposites” thing? I mean, surely, if they’re so different to you, and you have nothing in common, the relationship can’t work? So I pondered on this for a while, and thought of three people in my life.

For a long time I tried to talk to my grandfather about things that I thought would interest him. You know when you’re talking to someone older than you and you feel the responsibility of the reputation of your generation upon you? I.E. don’t say anything stupid, or they’ll think “dang, they just doesn’t have a clue.” So, I tried to keep things intellectual, but let’s be honest, my grandpa has a pretty sharp tongue, and an even smarter mind.
Then, I started going out with a guy who does physics. He really enjoys it too, and does a lot of maths. For those of you who didn’t know, I dropped Maths at the beginning of year eleven, had a little spiritual ceremony where I tore my Maths notes to shreds, and then recycled them in the hopes they’d be made into an English exercise book, or novel or something. Well, as he talks, I think of all the things that I like that he doesn’t, and all the things that he likes that I don’t [namely physics and maths] and I wonder, do opposites really attract?
The last example I’ll give before I move on is a pretty pivotal one. My best friend and I, for a long time, had absolutely nothing in common. Some jokes, she just doesn’t get. For a while it seemed that we only hung out together because we go to school together and she likes coming to my church so we give her a lift. I mean, she’s really, really nice. But what do we have in common?

So, what do we do?

Well, in the case of my grandpa, I did what a lot of people refuse to do. I just sat down, shut up and listened. Because I love him, I just sit through his lectures about the universe, and often I learn something. It involves a lot of sitting there and nodding. At the end of it, though, I feel like he thinks I’m the smart grand kid because I don’t try to respond with anything- so maybe it’s a win win.
Then there is the one that you’ve got to search for things in common. As we talk more, he tells me physics jokes [which he then has to explain, but doesn’t seem to mind], and I end up telling him Biology jokes. We find tiny things we have in common, like while I don’t play electric, he does and I like listening to it. While I enjoy drawing, he doesn’t, but I send him my pictures. Common ground. You can find it, but it takes work.
And then there is the true opposites. My best friend is very down to Earth, I am not. She is smart, while I am loud, and she is logical while I am confident. I have to say, in the case of my best friend and I, I really do think opposites attract. Because while she doesn’t get every joke, and we have limited common ground, we just end up liking each other for our individual personalities, and for some reason we’re still mates. I am perhaps attracted to the things in her that I cannot find within myself- maybe that’s the true basis for “opposites attract”.