Stereotypes for the Stereotyped


So, I know that stereotypes are used in movies. And it’s not even a real issue to me that sometimes they’re used in certain movies as a way to stir up people’s humour. But I was wondering why stereotypes are used in certain movies. I mean, why use stereotypes of girls when we know they’re not real?

I’ll give you an example. The other day, I watched Pitch Perfect 2. In that, the girls in their college sorority house walk around in their pajamas and have a pillow fight, their faces all perfectly made up and it seemed completely pointless. Why? Let’s agree that the target audience of the film was teenage girls- the majority of people watching it, therefore, was aware of the goings on at sleepovers. I, myself, have never had a pillow fight. So what is the point of stereotypes in these films? I mean, sure, if it was a film aimed at guys [lets say, Fast and the Furious, or the Terminator, but then again, that would be me stereotyping], but in a chick flick? And what is all of this stuff about romantic relationships?

So, I pondered this, and I came to two conclusions.
Firstly, that the people who make these movies are really this clueless. They’ve seen countless chick flicks before, and they assume the stereotypes are just easiest to stick to. So, instead of the girls gathering around a campfire and figuring out how to get their harmonies just right, it being a singing movie [oh wait, they do that at the end], they threw in a pillow fight and some boyfriend troubles.
The second idea is that there are screenwriters out there who want girls to be like this. Yea, this is stereotypes but not only is it how girls have been “forever”, but it’s how girls should be. You’ve never had a pillow fight? Well, everyone else has, so you should probably get around to that. Except, there’s added pressure to wake up in the morning with a perfectly made up face. And there’s the implication that your life will be better when you have a boyfriend to support your dreams and aspirations. No, you can’t do this on your own.



  1. You might be looking for meaning where there is none. Movies like this are for making money so they follow a formula that has made money before. They target a specific demographic and neither of us is in it.


    • That was pretty insightful. I think ultimately it comes down to not accepting the cynical outlook and trying to point out the problems so the industry will shift to accomodate, much like I’d expect a person with spinach in their teeth to react to my pointing it out.

      Thanks for your reply.


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