My Open Letter To Today’s Humanity

Hello. I need to address your behaviour towards my generation. You've got to stop treating people like this. You've got to stop scrolling past the people who need you and ignoring everyone crying out for help. Stop waiting until its too late to tell people you love  them, ask for forgiveness. Your kids need to... Continue Reading →



I disagree with porn. I don’t understand why people watch it and it saddens me that it is becoming increasingly popular, amongst both boys and girls. As to why, there are basically three reasons. First- porn creates unrealistic expectations. People have begun to attempt to live up to the expectations of the pornography they watch.... Continue Reading →


There is a lot of stigma around religion as a set of rules that one has to follow. I’ve touched on this before, but recently the message became poignant to me as a friend asked how a loving God could force upon us these rules and reject those who do not live up to their... Continue Reading →

The Love Song of Us

Don’t dismiss the messages of old as ones meant for those in times gone by. Don’t ignore the warnings of the writers and poets who were trying to communicate something to the wide audience of humanity. Humanity has not changed all that much. And so, when I look at men such as T.S. Eliot and... Continue Reading →


Jealousy is detrimental to both sides. On one side, it is the admittance that you don’t trust someone. Although they are dating you, you wish for more reassurance than they can possibly give, because as much as they say they love you, it doesn’t matter. As much as they have given you, there is still... Continue Reading →


I haven’t written on here in a while, and that’s really just been because my entire life has been absorbed in Trials. That’s right, a capital T for some of the most testing trials [it’s in the name itself] of my entire life. The HSC trials, to be specific. For two weeks of the average... Continue Reading →

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