A few people have recently commented on my analytical mind. I do a thing a lot of the time where my mind will identify something as a problem, take it, and work it out [unfortunately, sometimes it does this with things that really aren’t problems, but oh well]. I can sit for hours on end,... Continue Reading →


Being Schooled by some Primary Kids

This week I led a Primary School camp for the first time, and gee. Just wow. [I could probably start a Camp Kedron fan page with all that they’ve done for me, and all that I write about them. Anyway.] I think that the main things I learned from this week can be summarised in... Continue Reading →


I am a white, half Asian [a.k.a. “halfie”], Christian, feminist, Australian, heterosexual female, with a particular interest in music, children’s ministry, and fandoms [eg: MerWhoLock and Game of Thrones]. Categories. I hate them. Categories suck because everyone feels like they need them to belong somewhere, but sometimes they stop us from connecting with people who... Continue Reading →

Dating Non Christians

It bugs me when people say there are things you can and can’t do in Christianity. There’s no can’t in Christianity [well, if you rearrange the letters a little bit…], and I’ll always go back to “everything is permissible”. However, as I grow a little older, I’m starting to realise the reason Paul tagged a... Continue Reading →

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