Dreams and Visions

Joel 2:28 and the again in acts 2:17, it says "And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions." I was encouraged by a pastor at my church once to define my vision and to... Continue Reading →


Relationships and Religion

Socks and shoes. Cereal and milk. Toothpaste and toothbrush (shout out to the Elizabethans who used twigs and chalk). Some things just go better together.  I was thinking about the purpose of a relationship, recently, and it's a bit of a weird question (my favourite type). While we all seem to fall into them from... Continue Reading →

Part 2: Pirates and Penance

"I've never had a woman aboard before,"he said, walking around the cabin and absentmindedly playing with whatever he came across. "Indeed, from memory, I was specifically warned against it. However, you have apparently been doing a good job patching up my crew, and so the plan of leaving you next time we reach port was discarded.... Continue Reading →

Part 1- The Scallywag Legacy

On the seven seas, you may have heard there often travel pirates. Rouges and rebels who jump aboard passing ships and take what they please. Well, it just so happened that, during the time we will look at, there was a group of pirates called the Scallywag Legacy. Led by the dreaded Captain Quentin Blake,... Continue Reading →

Alexanders Painting

Alexander was tired.His back ached, his legs were sore and the string from which his broad brimmed hat hung around his neck felt like a noose. Much like a business man at the end of a very long day, he loosened the button that pressed into his throat- however it was only eleven thirty. He... Continue Reading →


Home is where the heart is, and as I look around, I see my heart reflected.I think my home has become more to my family than my parents ever expected. My heart is written in the clothes on the floor and the shelves that are filled with books In every little cranny that one has... Continue Reading →


I ask for a lot of guest writers all the time, and suddenly another one reached out to me with a piece. It's written carefully and thoughtfully, and gives you good food for thought which is what I'm all about, so give it a read. Thanks for writing it, man.  ------------------------------------------------ Graffiti.  What is graffiti,... Continue Reading →

Drama HSC Scriptwriting

Wondering what to do for your HSC drama individual project and aren't too good at acting? Rest assured! Acting isn't all there is for you, little thespian. There are plenty of options, from making posters to doing research projects, however, my personal least favourite is scriptwriting. And why? Because I did it! And therefore, if... Continue Reading →


So the question asked to me to write on was "Why does god blame us for the causes of suffering although he created us sinful beings?" A very, very loaded question which I will attempt to slowly unpack. If you disagree or have anything to comment or ask, feel free to do so in the... Continue Reading →

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