For When Your Heart Is Breaking.

I started this blog to deal with every issue that I feel isn't addressed often, correctly or as much as needed. Heart break is one, and one I have been avoiding until I felt like I could do it justice.  Let me begin by addressing that it sucks. I will do you the favour of... Continue Reading →


Choose The Right

I was in an antiques store today, and the owners were rather aloof. Paying special attention to the people who looked like their wallets were too heavy, I meandered through the store, perusing at leisure, but highly aware that I was being overlooked. There was, to be fair, little I could afford, but history fascinates... Continue Reading →

Day Four of the Travellers Log

As I spend more time on this boat, I begin to see the perks as well as the drags. For too long I believed I was stranded on this god forsaken vessel (woe is me!) but finally what could be so good as to convince my breakfast companions this morning to embark on their 23rd... Continue Reading →


Although I struggle, as every hipster does, against being mainstream and sort of shallow (I recently went blonde, so I've been fighting the stereotypes, although, as it turns out, blondes do have more fun) I recently started a gratitude journal. I had a few empty books lying around the house as people know I'm a... Continue Reading →

The Second Day on the Boat

This year, for the first time in many years, my parents and I decided to take a cruise. Well, really they decided- I didn't find out until a few weeks ago. Maybe they knew I would have quarrels. I didn't (and still don't) understand spending so much time in a floating hotel when you could... Continue Reading →

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