Jehovah Jireh

I struggle with anxiety. There just seems to be this part of my mind that tries to work out six solutions to every possible situation so that I'm always prepared. I'm like the Bear Grylls of the social world. However, although they say life is what you make it, I've discovered that life also depends... Continue Reading →


Missionary Dating

A while ago, I wrote a blog post on dating non Christians. Lately I've been hearing a few questions about "missionary dating", however, so I figured I'd take the opportunity to expand on that a bit. One of the most common reasons for dating someone who isn't a Christian is the idea that through your... Continue Reading →

Throw The First Stone

   I recently heard Stephen Fry's opinion of Gods justice based on the verse where Jesus defends an adulterer with the words "that of you which has not sinned, throw the first stone." I don't often listen to Fry as he is one of those people who will express his opinion in such a way... Continue Reading →

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