I guess the big thing about mission is that a lot of it is out of my hands.  As much as I can pray and organise and beg for people to donate to my cause, it's still has so little to do with me whether it's all accomplished. When I asked for prayer from my... Continue Reading →



This June, I'll be heading to Fiji for a short term mission trip.  So far all I know is that we are helping them and they are helping us. Through door knocking, visiting people in gaol, helping them rebuild after a recent tropical cyclone and actually bringing resources with them, we will all be sharing... Continue Reading →

Vegetarian Verdict

It's been three months since I started being a vegetarian. Complete with complaints about tofu, kale and (worst of all) supplements and vitamins, I've heard a lot of people's opinions on giving up meat. I've tried things I never thought I'd touch, and interestingly bonded with people simply over the fact that we're at the... Continue Reading →


When people asked me what I was doing this year, I said I was taking a break. A gap year between crazy stressful HSC and university to recalibrate. So far, I haven't really found that break. What I found is much better. This year, I'm doing a course called Year 13. Basically what that entails... Continue Reading →

Worthless and Priceless

   I bought this little carousel a few years ago for a friend of mine. It came relatively plain and faded, but when you wind it, the horses go around and it plays music and I figured she would love it, so I bought it cheap and started to hand paint it. It took me... Continue Reading →

Eloi, Eloi, lama sabacthani 

If you've swum in Christian circles for long enough, you would have heard the question or asked it yourself - "if God is so good, why does that happen?" Covering everything from why do wars start to why do babies die, from good people encountering hardships to bad people living great lives, and the overwhelming... Continue Reading →

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