Vegetarian Verdict

It’s been three months since I started being a vegetarian. Complete with complaints about tofu, kale and (worst of all) supplements and vitamins, I’ve heard a lot of people’s opinions on giving up meat. I’ve tried things I never thought I’d touch, and interestingly bonded with people simply over the fact that we’re at the dietary requirements table, but you know, it hasn’t been so bad.
I guess vegetarianism can sound scary if, for instance, your first reaction even thinking about it is “gee, I couldn’t survive without my bacon and eggs.” Honestly, though, I haven’t really noticed a difference. Going out with friends is a lot easier because there are fewer things to choose from and they’re usually things I would never have considered. Three of my most hated foods (don’t hate me) were haloumi, avocado and spinach. Apparently when you toast them in a bagel, God blesses them. And add pesto. New appreciation for eggplant- I sound sad and maybe slightly brainwashed, but I’m serious. Life on the green side is amazing, and I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. Sure there are times when I think about Ruebens (the best sandwich in the world), pepperoni pizzas and beef jerky, but when it comes down to it, I’m perfectly content with my tofu pad Thai. 
Funnily enough, I did make a rule to accept food that would otherwise go to waste, as I’m trying to be helpful to the environment, but I tried to eat some leftover mince pizza I found in the fridge the other day, and it made me feel queasy (hopefully not because the pizza was older than I thought it was). So maybe my body is starting to catch on as well as my mind. 
I became a vegetarian because animals are treated terribly in Australia as there is such a demand for it. It’s cheaper to squish heaps of animals into a tiny space rather than give them their own little apartments and paddocks to frolick in. You know, Australia eats enough pigs for three per person (all the Australians make up for the non pork eaters, including Muslims, Buddhists and infants. Good job). If we all just celebrated Meatless Monday (one day a week!) we’d do the environment a favour. But that doesn’t look so possible, so I’ve taken up giving meat up 365 days a year (not including slip ups) to make up for it. 

Maybe you should give it a go for a bit- try enjoying one day a week or trialling a month. You definitely won’t regret the health benefits and at the very least you can say you tried it. The last dinner I had was at a vegetarian restaurant and no one complained!


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