The Starfish Story

Too many people have never heard the starfish story, so here it is.  'A boy walks along a beach after a storm, and littered along the beach are hundreds of starfish, washed up. He knows they will die out of water, so he starts picking them up and throwing them back into the ocean. A... Continue Reading →



It’s something a lot of people want to try but have no idea how to get around to. We’ve all got a spare notebook lying around somewhere- sometimes it’s a beautiful one we don’t want to somehow screw up. Well, as someone who has been journaling for about 7 years now, I figured it’s something... Continue Reading →

Year 13

So many people have asked me about what I’m doing with this year, I’ve decided to write a cover all blog post about it. This year, I’m doing a Christian gap year course called year 13 [so named because you do it after year 12, and it takes only one year]. Every Wednesday and Thursday... Continue Reading →

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