Part 5 So, to conclude, how have I changed? The strangest thing is, in many ways I don’t know. I feel like there should be a list of great revelations, and deep soul searching, but I figure that as time goes on, I’ll notice things that weren’t there before, like walking into my room and... Continue Reading →



Part 4 The coolest thing about my time in Fiji was seeing how God works. Every day we were off doing something. We began at an orphanage called Loloma [Love] House, playing with the kids and a lady began to cry because she couldn’t speak English with us. Straight off the bat, I knew we... Continue Reading →


Part 3 I wanted to write this blog post because, despite the fear that many people may skip it, or that it may hurt to write, I know it’s important.   I was most confronted by the things I didn’t see coming. Growing up with an Indonesian mother, I’ve been to her hometown and the... Continue Reading →


Part 2 I stepped off the plane yesterday and the smell of the air was different. It was freezing, and when I went home I had the first hot shower in a month and opened my drawers to dozens of different options. After a month of being told we weren’t allowed to touch or hug... Continue Reading →


 Part 1 Yesterday morning, I returned from a one month long mission trip to Fiji. To avoid answering a million of the same questions and giving awful, holey answers, I’m going to take the opportunity to summarise everything I can in a few blog posts. Also, seeing as it was only yesterday morning I was... Continue Reading →

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