I Miss You

Friend, relative, lover, almost lover, stranger.

No matter how far apart and how long it’s been, I miss you.

Every time someone walks down the street and they have the curl of your hair or the scent of your cologne and I remember the last time you held me in your embrace – truly held me, unhindered by tension or anger or the weight of goodbye – I miss you.


I remember the conversations we used to have, late into the night.

The dreams I would dream you would catch and save for later. I remember the curve of your smile and the sound of your laugh – the gasping giggle, the impolite guffaw. Every moment went slow enough for time to take a break from ticking and yet impossibly way too fast. I can’t forget the way your eyes crinkled because my heart wrinkles in the same pattern every gasp as I realise I miss you.


And there’s a hole you forgot to fill.

Although I see you all the time – your bright eyed life on my screen, and the stories other people tell, the wind whistles as it whirls around the cracks around the hole you left, inconsiderately. When you left. You left and I never got to say… Well, it’s too late now. But I wonder if you’ll ever realise in your quiet moments that I’m still here and I miss you.

I’m sorry for that time I yelled.

I’m sorry for that thing I spilled.

I’m sorry for that gift I missed.

I’m sorry for that time you tripped.

I’m sorry for the times gone by.

I’m sorry I never got to ask you why.

And I’m just so sorry, but you need to know I miss you.

I miss you so badly.

And maybe I’ll never see you again. Or maybe I’ll see you in a crowd and not approach you because you look so happy. Perhaps I’ll see you sitting alone and not encroach because you look so sad. Dare I wonder whether you miss me? But oh my love, know this. I miss you.


For Arguments Sake

An open letter to those of an argumentative nature.
There are very few types of people on this planet whom I cannot stand. Those who resort to arguments because they cannot or will not express their opinion in a civilised manner are of that class. 

There is a certain type of person in this world who finds it difficult to converse with someone whose opinion they disagree without resorting to insults, degradation or raising their voice. I assure you, it is not that you are not being heard, but that no one is listening. If you are of this class of society, let me address you personally- it confounds me that you cannot grasp the English language well enough to manipulate it to communicate your message respectfully. 
In case you are not completely sure whether you are being spoken to, observe the following examples.
(Upon receiving a Gideon Bible): “what is this piece of shit?” 

(Upon understanding one is a Christian): “you disgust me; I thought you were smart.”

(Upon hearing one is an atheist): “you will burn in hell.”
I was the recipient of the first two comments, and a witness of the third as I watched the moment one of my dearest friends was to perhaps permanently decide to never return to church. I did not blame her.
When you decide to disregard someone’s feelings and your own humanity for a cause you believe passionately in, you immediately lead them to one of two actions, neither of which is listening to you as you are essentially presenting an offence which people are hardwired to ignore. You either lead them to complete shut down (flight) or violent retaliation (fight). Neither aid your cause, or your relationship. Thence, all you who are slowly realising you can be forceful, insistent (love persistently, do not present insistently) or just plain rude, heed my words- no one will heed yours. You cannot win someone to or against religion, politics, or on their opinion of a movie by fear. There is a civility in being able to present an argument without creating one. The question is whether or not the recipient will be affronted or what you perceive as reason will filter through by how you say what you say. 
At the end of the day, everyone is entitled to their opinion, which includes the person whose mind you are attempting to change. Pick your battles and do not constantly go for the low blow. Your opinion can be tolerated without being accepted. 
To conclude, understand this- no one will listen to you if you’re being a jerk.