[Lady Gaga]

As a self confessed hipster, I don’t often purposely seek out the albums of pop stars. But when I watched Lady Gaga sing “A Million Reasons” on Youtube with James Cordon, I figured I’d give her a shot, as it was such a beautiful song and seemingly completely different to what I knew her for. 
The title song made me cry. I have no idea if Joanne is a real person or if she ever got to listen to the song, or how it made her feel. But with a similar vibe to “Tears in Heaven”, it just really hit me. 

Then you’ve randomly got insanely good, 80’s/90’s pop sounding hits like “Hey Girl” which has Florence [from that Machine she hangs out with] and “Just Another Day”. I’ve got to say, I didn’t enjoy the whole album- there are some random songs which sound like they were written in the shower and should never have made it out. Then therea re songs I’m still not sure what I think of- dipping a toe into the political arena with “Angel Down”? Something much simpler of, indeed, more complicated than that? ]

But I found my foot tapping and my head nodding to a few beats. The song that was most popular [indeed the only one I’ve actually heard of in the mainstream media] is “Perfect Illusion”, which is pretty standard. The others, though, are a step outside the box. 

I’d say it’s worth a listen.



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