Wrong Crowd

[Tom Odell]

If you ever don’t know which music to listen to, stalk your hipster friends on Facebook. That’s how I found Tom Odell, liked his facebook page, and was ready for this album to drop. Well, about as ready as I could be. 
You may know some of his songs already- soulful love songs, such as “Heal” [which made it into the film “If I Stay”, an equally moving film]. But this album, from beginning to end, completely blew me away. 
A careful mix of his vocals, some epic piano playing and a swell band, the music videos show the story of some of the songs. Then you get to the video for “Concrete”, which just him dancing slightly dad-like. But the soul and stories to his music always create vivid images of memories I’m pretty sure aren’t mine. And that’s a good sign. With beautiful, lullaby love songs like “Constellations” flowing into sad, thoughtful tunes such as “Entertainment” and “Sparrow”, it’s definitely worth a listen to if you want something a bit different. It’s not pop, although it’s got some catchy hooks. It’s not soul, although we’ve got some deep bass, both in guitar and back ground singers. It’s just a little bit of everything good, like your favourite sandwich. 
[Speaking of which, Tom Odell in general is just enjoyable to listen to. Check him out].]



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