I was having a think of what to put on the front of my year 12 jersey, and then my dad and I got into a conversation about Fozzy Bear [from the Muppets]. Apparently the man who voices him is named Frank Oz. Shorten that to F. Oz and you’ve got Foz(zy Bear).
Similarly, in a Miss Marple novel, the clever old lady figures out that a man was planning to run away because his alias at the local hotel was Frank Airwell. F. Airwell (Farewell!)

In relation to my name, Patty Ayres, you’ve got yourself P. Ayres. If you think about it with the logic of an Agatha Christie detective, or indeed a comedian [two categories of which I consider myself an aspiring member], you get Pears, so that’s how we got this name…

The idea for the name goes further than that, though. Through this blog, I hope to spur ideas. I’ve always loved the phrase “food for thought” because I associate food with family, satisfaction, adventure, experience and change. Indeed, it was how I’d found myself ending a few of my earlier blog posts. Pears are one of my favourite fruits- they’re crisp, clean and green. Sometimes a bit freckly, pear-shaped can also be associate with things not going to plan [story of my life], or not being “perfect”.

To bring the name of this blog one more step, I’d like to say that I hope my blog bears fruit. I hope the stories of it inspire, and that anything anyone can gleam from it can be passed on. My hopes for what I write on here are that if one word can change someone’s day, I’d be happy to write a million just for that one. From a Christian perspective, Jesus said that he was the vine, and we are the branches- I want to be the pear from his tree, and the seed to your pear 🙂

I hope you enjoy what you find on here. I always love hearing about it, so feel free to comment! But scroll, skim, whatever, and if you find anything you like, I encourage you to share it with your mates. A piece of fruit is best cut into slices and passed around.


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  1. Your blog is pretty ‘fruity’ and I savor every bit of it! 😀 I love the derivation of the name, you’ve got a good sense of humor. I’m glad I came across your blog! I look forward to newer posts!
    Feel free to check mine out sometime.

    God bless you! ❤


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