Being Liked & Being Right

There is a thin line between being right and being liked and, at twenty years of age, I’m still not sure I’ve found it. Sometimes, it isn’t even there, which makes it all the more elusive. I started this blog roughly five years ago, so I have been trying to do a bit of introspection... Continue Reading →



In my short, sharp and sweet existence thus far I have learned three things from my interactions with homeless people. They go as follows. Firstly, that when people beg for something they often need it. I think it is fascinating that Australians continue to believe homeless people could do better for themselves. On many levels,... Continue Reading →


I’ve been watching an Unfortunate Series of Events on Netflix lately because I remember loving the book series as a kid. Perhaps being drawn to a series that specifically warns you not to read it because it will be very unhappy should have been a red flag, but oh well. One of [the villain] Count... Continue Reading →


Sometimes my eyes leak, And I'm not sure why. It may be the tap mechanisms Don't turn enough to the right. Sometimes I'll be out walking, When suddenly escapes a drop. It will run down my face And I'll run for the mop. Sometimes people notice, And ask if I'm okay, And I usually brush... Continue Reading →


It's been about three days since I got back from a Christian training camp in Canberra, and I haven't written about it. Partially I think that lies in not knowing what to say, despite the usual burning desire to get something reflective out of it. Partially it might be in being afraid to say it.... Continue Reading →

Going Postal

THE VOTE ON GAY MARRIAGE The postal vote on gay marriage has turned Australia into something uncomfortably absurd.  Over recent months, we have not demonstrated ourselves to be a country that is young and free, welcoming and jovial. On an early morning talk show yesterday, two guests were presented with the chaos currently surrounding the... Continue Reading →


Today, I was almost reduced to tears [it really doesn't take much. My record is a dog food commercial] because I tried to be an adult and it didn't work.  There was a lost dog wandering around our compound which followed me home while I was walking my neighbour's dog, so I decided to do... Continue Reading →

Trusting God

Everyone has stories of times when they trusted someone and were let down. A few spring to mind for me, from someone literally just letting me fall during a trust exercise, or twice in my life when boys have pulled the chairs out from underneath me as I was about to sit down. However, one... Continue Reading →

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