The Apocalypse

A SHORT STORY I was on the bus when the apocalypse started. I used one of those little red hammers to break the glass- I bet when the bus tipped, half of the people panicked but the other half, myself included, were excited for the chance to finally rip one off the wall. When we... Continue Reading →


The Wrong Future

[a short story]PART 1 I feel like my story should start with a deep quote about time. Rather, it starts with the words "I wish I'd never met you." I think after that should follow a deep reflection. Unfortunately what followed was "I know, darling." I am the 32nd licensed time traveller of my day... Continue Reading →

The Book Store

   Today I walked into one of the most beautiful book stores I have ever been in.  Sometimes book stores just have this aura- this sense that the walls are lined with stories and not just printed pages. I wanted to thumb each spine and read every word. What really caught my eye were these... Continue Reading →

I like to write poetry…

(This short story is based off a secret I was given in a class, and asked to turn into a narrative. The original secret was "I like to write poetry about everyday experiences".) Ever since I was a kid I've wanted to write poetry. I don't mean garbage like kids are forced to do for... Continue Reading →

The Old Woman and The Fool

There was once a king and queen that lived in an stately castle on the top of a hill. They were kind and fair rulers who were never seen without a smile on their faces and nobody knew that the secret to their tranquility was that each evening, after a long hard day of ruling,... Continue Reading →


"Hey", she said, gently leaning on the railing. He looked up surprised. It was freezing cold and his hands were blue. "Hey," he responded. "How are you?" she asked, consciously looking out to sea instead of meeting his gaze. "Oh, I've seen better days," he responded with a smile, taking a step back so he could... Continue Reading →

The Starfish Story

Too many people have never heard the starfish story, so here it is.  'A boy walks along a beach after a storm, and littered along the beach are hundreds of starfish, washed up. He knows they will die out of water, so he starts picking them up and throwing them back into the ocean. A... Continue Reading →

The Mild Insomniac

A story I promised a girl a long time ago.   “You know, staring at a screen for too long will stop you going to sleep,” Mum said. I laughed and rolled my eyes. We both knew that wouldn’t make a difference.   Slowly, one by one, the lights went out throughout the house and... Continue Reading →

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