The Christian Feminist

Do you believe that women should be equal to men? If you said yes, you're a feminist.  [Sorry if you were getting ready to fight me, it's actually quite a simple principle.] Feminism isn't like a meringue- with precise measurements, and needing a lot of whipping into the perfect white shape. It's more like being... Continue Reading →


What’s the Issue With Makeup?

I’m in a play at the moment about feminism. As fancy as that sounds, it is really just three of us getting up in front of people performing, but, it is, in the classic sense of the word, a play. Besides, it’s fancy to me. But after watching it, a comment was made- you made... Continue Reading →

Stereotypes for the Stereotyped

So, I know that stereotypes are used in movies. And it’s not even a real issue to me that sometimes they’re used in certain movies as a way to stir up people’s humour. But I was wondering why stereotypes are used in certain movies. I mean, why use stereotypes of girls when we know they’re... Continue Reading →

Just Another Post About Feminism

It’s funny that when you Google “feminism opinion”, you get a lot of negative stuff. When you google “myths about feminism”, you get a lot of positive stuff. When you google “feminism”, you get a bunch of people trying to be neutral and give you legitimate definitions, but those definitions don’t sound so bad to... Continue Reading →

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