Meeting Wormwood

'The fact that "devils" are predominantly comic figures in the modern imagination will help you. If any faint suspicion of your existence begins to arise in his mind, suggest to him a picture of something in red tights, and persuade him that since he cannot believe in that (it is an old textbook method of... Continue Reading →


The Watch

When I was twelve, I created my first invention. My best friend Kate and I were sitting in the quad when I revealed my life long dream of being an inventor. "Then make me something," she dared. And I did. A couple of weeks later, I handed her a nice purple cardboard box with a... Continue Reading →

You Before Me

The body almost blends completely into the darkness. Actually, what caught my eye was my headlights on the rim of his wheel. It was in the middle of the road. I pulled over and rushed out, nearly tripping on him curled on the ground, his leathers glinting like a black snake in the dirt. He... Continue Reading →

The Wrong Future

[a short story]PART 1 I feel like my story should start with a deep quote about time. Rather, it starts with the words "I wish I'd never met you." I think after that should follow a deep reflection. Unfortunately what followed was "I know, darling." I am the 32nd licensed time traveller of my day... Continue Reading →

What if?

I feel like the world is trying to live in a paradox. One where everybody wants to be loved for who they are, but only love certain parts of themselves. One where people are hurt when they are not accepted, but do not accept others. One where we are all striving for something- we may... Continue Reading →

My Mum

MWhen I was two years old, my mum had a heart attack. I didn't know what that meant, and I don't remember much of it, apart from dad sitting on the edge of my bed. I've decided to start here because maybe this is the first tangible memory I have of realising something was wrong... Continue Reading →


"Hey", she said, gently leaning on the railing.┬áHe looked up surprised. It was freezing cold and his hands were blue. "Hey," he responded. "How are you?" she asked, consciously looking out to sea instead of meeting his gaze. "Oh, I've seen better days," he responded with a smile, taking a step back so he could... Continue Reading →

I Miss You

Friend, relative, lover, almost lover, stranger. No matter how far apart and how long it's been, I miss you. Every time someone walks down the street and they have the curl of your hair or the scent of your cologne and I remember the last time you held me in your embrace - truly held... Continue Reading →

Missionary Dating

A while ago, I wrote a blog post on dating non Christians. Lately I've been hearing a few questions about "missionary dating", however, so I figured I'd take the opportunity to expand on that a bit. One of the most common reasons for dating someone who isn't a Christian is the idea that through your... Continue Reading →

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