I like to write poetry…

(This short story is based off a secret I was given in a class, and asked to turn into a narrative. The original secret was "I like to write poetry about everyday experiences".) Ever since I was a kid I've wanted to write poetry. I don't mean garbage like kids are forced to do for... Continue Reading →



By Danielle Bennett April ran me down, left me looking at the backside of a pig herd. At the end of the month, mud thick as thighs was smeared across my eyelids and lip corners, and all over my spirit. So tired, this voice I am losing is both a red and white flag that... Continue Reading →

The Love Song of Us

Don’t dismiss the messages of old as ones meant for those in times gone by. Don’t ignore the warnings of the writers and poets who were trying to communicate something to the wide audience of humanity. Humanity has not changed all that much. And so, when I look at men such as T.S. Eliot and... Continue Reading →

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