Pandan Cake

Herb It all started when the piece of pandan cake went missing. I'd been saving it for a rainy day, and it was the most rainiest of days. A maths test had been involved. My socks were soggy. And that piece of cake had been on my mind since I opened my lunchbox to an... Continue Reading →


Three Funerals

Before this year, I had never really attended a funeral. At this point in the year, I have attended three. And I didn't really know what to say about that experience, but I've been mulling over the idea for a while and it won't go away. So, here goes. The first was that of an... Continue Reading →


"My dad's dead," said Max, mostly to himself. I looked at the letter at his hands, hand written on both sides of the yellowed notebook paper. His mum. "When's the funeral?" I asked, walking over to put a hand around his waist. "Friday," he said, putting his arm around my shoulders. "We better pack quickly... Continue Reading →

The House

I slip the key into the lock on the front door and give it a shove. The musty smell of dust and disuse accuses us as we walk through. "You take the guest room, I'll hit the kitchen." We storm in like soldiers and work for two hours straight, gloves on, the radio blasting. We... Continue Reading →


In the past few months, I have listened to more about myself than I remember having heard in my entire life. It all started when I admitted to a friend that one of my New Year's Resolutions was to work on my pride and, instead of rushing to the aid of my ego, she said... Continue Reading →

You Before Me

The body almost blends completely into the darkness. Actually, what caught my eye was my headlights on the rim of his wheel. It was in the middle of the road. I pulled over and rushed out, nearly tripping on him curled on the ground, his leathers glinting like a black snake in the dirt. He... Continue Reading →

God’s Plan, My Plan

(This concept is also known as predestination, but that word is scary and has too many connotations, so I'm going to ask we start with a blank page.) The last time I was in a relationship, I was old enough to be thinking about marriage and young enough to know it would never work. Despite... Continue Reading →

Break ups

Every once in a while they happen. If you have allowed yourself to be vulnerable with someone, they hurt. If you loved someone, they hurt a lot.  I have broken up, over my short dance with life, with enemies, friends and boyfriends. To tell the truth, I've never been a great dancer- to practice and... Continue Reading →

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